Scum Of The Earth featured on MySpace Metal


Earlier today, MySpace Music launched “A Place For Metal” and Scum of the Earth is featured! The “place” is hosted by Metal Sanaz who also sang guest vocals on the band’s controversial single “Love Pig” on the new Scum of the Earth album entitled.

Regarding the launch, Metal Sanaz had the following to say:

I am very honored to announce the biggest news of the year for the Metal community, and to welcome you all to our new home of metal, MySpace: A Place For Metal! After working day and night to bring you the best interviews, news, and behind the scenes footage in the metal world, I have joined forces with MySpace to bring you more. Today is the big day, and I am proud to announce the launch of MySpace: A Place For Metal, with me as your host! This new community will include the best content you can possibly desire in the scene. There will be updates on bands, behind the scenes interviews, music videos, and the chance for you to ask your favorite bands questions! To show you support to the BIG LAUNCH, I am asking you to add MySpace: A Place for Metal to your top friends, put the banner on your page, and also please repost to all your friends! I am sure all the true metal fans in the world are as excited as I am today. This is our chance to stand up, unite, and be a part of the biggest metal community on the we!
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