SAINT DIABLO Debut New Music Video for ‘Watch Me Kill’…


SAINT DIABLO have just unveiled the brand new music video for the band’s new single, ‘Watch Me Kill’, directed by David Brodsky for MYGOODEYE! The video was filmed in Richmond, VA and features moshing fans from far and wide that came out to take part in the filming process. You can watch the video at this location. ‘Watch Me Kill’ is cut from the band’s new self-titled album, released with Eclipse Records on July 10th.

In this video, we venture into the energy of a live show with fans in a circle pit around the band, intertwined with the dark mystery of a theatrical story… a gagged and bound individual (singer Tito Quinones) being held hostage in a dark dingy motel room by another smiling hit-man (Kris Cox). It’s obvious they don’t know each other, there are no words exchanged between them, they just stare at each other calculating their next moves. As tension builds with the faster pace of the song, the crowd swarms around the performing band faster and faster… The momentum builds, and only in the end do we see which of them shall live to kill another day!


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