RiseuP unite with Space Raiders In Space for new “Prophecy” music video and single


Polish groove metal band RiseuP have revealed a new music video for the single “Prophecy” which features in-game footage from the Space Raiders In Space video game made by 2 Stupid Devs and Destructive Creations. The Prophecy music video was directed by Marcin Szaraniec from Bridge To Horizon. Watch it right now on YouTube:

“We made the video using assets from a game called Space Raiders in Space which tells a story as old as civilization itself” says vocalist Stanek. “When something new and unknown is discovered, it raises many different feelings in society however, among all of those feelings the most powerful one is fear. There is a small step from fear to hatred and (as we have seen throughout history), society is often swayed towards fear by those who seek power through manipulation of society.” Vocalist Ratajksi continues, “The lyrics of the song are inspired by how humanity’s dark side hasn’t changed much despite the academic study of history by humanity. Despite the lessons we learned from World War II, atrocities continue all over the world. Even now, many governments are centralized and dictatorial in nature, so the message of the song is a prediction or a prophecy about what could be in store for us if we don’t change our ways. Will we ever learn?”

“Prophecy” is the second single from the band’s debut full-length album Destructive Machine’s Chilling Time 3:27 which was produced by Arkadiusz Dzierżawa (Sandbreaker, Mors, Carura) at Lighthouse Audio. The album is scheduled for a worldwide release on August 6, 2021 via Eclipse Records. Pre-order or pre-save the album here.

Destructive Machine’s Chilling Time 3:27 by RiseuP is an album that rocks the listener straight to the core. The first single “Jim B” offers the hooky chorus “Drink, drink, drink!” however, it also tells us that alcohol makes false heroes who overrate their own abilities. The second single “Prophecy” with its addictive crunch and pleasing guitar tremolo, alludes to scripture and our misinterpretation of both testaments, leading us to hypocrisy and fear as opposed to peace and enlightenment. “Rise” is the third single, and it features mechanistic super-drumming under an intricate triple-vocal that is masterfully delivered in different ranges of growl and traditional singing. The song suggests that the darkest moments we encounter in life can make us stronger by teaching us to be proud of the scars (physical or emotional) they cause.

For more information on RiseuP and their “Prophecy” music video please visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Eclipse Records. For more info on Space Raiders In Space: Facebook, 2 Stupid Devs, Destructive Creations, Unity


Photo: Zbigniew Harazim

RiseuP lineup
Stanek (Vocals/Samples), Ratajski (Vocals), Krakowiak (Bass Guitar), Sulski (Drums), Kolus (Guitar), Krzystala (Guitar)

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