Paul Garner to do cover art for upcoming Scum of the Earth album…


Renowned U.K. concept artist Paul Garner has been selected to create the cover art for SCUM OF THE EARTH‘s upcoming second release, tentatively entitled “SLEAZE FREAK“. Paul’s probably best known for his work on everything from tattoo & t-shirt design to movie/music magazine illustration to giant murals & sideshow banners, and co-designing, producing and directing the Gawkagogo Bizarre Cabaret & Theatre shows throughout London and the UK. He’s also worked with Richard O’ Brien (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Clive Barker. Paul’s style peers behind the curtain of a sinister sideshow underworld where cartoon geeks, zombie kids, and unspeakable things from the slab mingle menacingly with the ones that the Scooby Doo gang let get away.

When Riggs was asked about his decision to work with Paul, he said “He’s an amazing artist, I thought his artwork looked real sleazy, trashy and basically seemed like a visual embodiment of what this album’s all about… sleaze, filth, depravity, and the dark perversion of the world. The red light district in Amsterdam, has this vibe… in my opinion, it’s like the Disneyland of the Universe, and Sleaze Freak will be our attempt to bring that vibe to the fans, through the music and the art. There might be some other artists as well..”

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