Owl Company takes Rorschach test in their new Antagonist music video


Brazilian active rockers Owl Company have just released their brand new Antagonist music video for the single of the same name. “Antagonist” is taken from their upcoming album Iris due out November 9, 2018 via Eclipse Records. The video was directed by Caike Scheffer and it explores the aftermath of ending a life-long relationship through a Rorschach test, administered by a psychiatrist to their patient.

We did a lot of research on the subject of Rorschach tests, different patterns, and disturbing answers from patients diagnosed as either schizophrenics, psychopaths, or sociopaths” says singer Enrico Minelli about their Antagonist music video. “We wanted to show how some people handle breakups differently than others, and the inner turmoil someone can experience, even if they’re perfectly sane.” Drummer Thagio Biasoli adds, “Our director Caike drew upon elements of foreign cinema with regards to the dull colors and overlays of band images on top of one another. The purpose of this was to create a sense of confusion which the patient would feel with regards to their sanity slipping away”.

Owl Company’s upcoming sophomore full-length album entitled Iris was mixed by Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Faith No More, Three Doors Down) and mastered by Paul Logus (Stone Sour, Pop Evil, Clutch). Iris contains thirteen memorable, melodic, active rock anthems which flex their muscles, and instantly make you want to hear more. Highlights on the album include the instant hit “Shattered Dreams” which tackles the concept of faith and how it can take away one’s free will, the self-empowering track “Rise” which also explores the concept of faith but from the perspective that individuals are responsible for their own actions, and the soaring energetic track “Antagonist” which is a personal reflection on the ending of a lifelong relationship.

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For more information on Owl Company and their Antagonist music video, please visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or Eclipse Records.

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