Out Now: Till the Dance Do Us Part by Frankley Everlong


The brand new full-length album, Till the Dance Do Us Part by Frankley Everlong is out worldwide today! The album contains nine brand new songs of pure energizing bounce, all the while maintaining a pop-punk vibe laden with driving beats. Highlights on the album include videos for the songs ‘Till the Dance Do Us Part’, ‘Endless Infinity’, and ‘As You Wither’.

Till the Dance Do Us Part by Frankley Everlong“Till The Dance… is an album that won’t ever get boring because there’s always something new to discover!” (9/10) – Stalker Magazine
“Frankley Everlong has the answer and the right album for you!” (7.5/10) – Loudd
“Till the Dance Do Us Part by Frankley Everlong drives forward in the style of 80s synth hits with punk attitude” (7/10) – Hellfire Magazine
“Frankley Everlong know how to balance the doses of punk and electronics to offer us a very interesting album!” (7/10) – Necromance
Till the Dance Do Us Part is “a super-catchy, up-beat and bouncy record that takes the best of the pop-punk world and filters it nicely through a post sound” (6.5/10) – GBHBL

Download the full album on iTunesAmazon, or Google Play, and stream it via SpotifyApple MusicDeezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more!

Till the Dance Do Us Part by Frankley Everlong is already receiving critical acclaim from the press, and strong support at radio. Following is just a sample of the early supporters:  106.7 FM (Shock Treatment), 88.3 Southern FM (Heavy Decibels), CJLO-FM, Hard n’ Heavy, Hochshul Radio 97.1 FM, KGAR-FM, KIWR-FM (Sunday School), KIWR-FM (Rotation), KKFI-FM, KURE-FM, KXCI-FM, Lincoln City Radio 103.6-FM (The Friday Rock Show), Linea Rock, Planet Of The Apes (Pirate 91.1 FM), Rocktrax-Vechtal-FM, Stella FM, The Rock Solid Pressure Show, Vox FM 106.9 (Reigning Metal), WAUG-FM, WAYN Radio, WCSB-FM, WDWN-FM, WHWS-FM (Metallic Onslaught), WJJO-FM, WLFR-FM (Rockshow), WLFR-FM (Rotation), WLVR-FM (DJ Rotation), WLVR-FM (The Nocturne), WMFR-DB (Metal Fortress), WMSC-FM (Rotation), WMSC-FM (The Metal Teddy Bear Experience), WORT-FM, WRHU-FM, WRKC- FM, WRUW-FM, WRUW-FM (Streaming Automation), WVBR-FM (Metallic Onslaught), WWSP-FM (Metal Thunder), WWUH-FM, WXAC-FM, WXCI-FM (Hard Attack), Asgard Radio, Braingell Radio (DJ Crazy Ivan), Braingell Radio (Rotation), Café TV 24, Code Zero Radio, CSNX 9250 Metal Meyhem Radio UK, Cygnus Radio (Bury The Needle), Digital Revolution Radio, Digital Revolution Radio (DJ Titan), Flying V Radio, Hard Rockology Radio, Horror Scene Radio (Shredding Metal Beasts Podcast), INDIE104 – iRadioLA, KRXX / WRXX, Metal Authority Family, Metal Crash Radio, Metal Devastation Radio (The Mental Metal Show), Metal Express Radio, Metal Open Mind (Podcast), Midlands Metalheads Radio, Midlands Metalheads Radio (DJ Jesse Adams), Milano XR, Museboat Radio (PD), No Name Radio, Ouch You’re On My Hair Podcast, Radio Baixada Santista, Radio Flyweb, RadioLoudd, Radio Metal, Revolution X Radio, Rock Addict Radio (Metal Under The Sea), Rock Radio UK (Heads Up w/ Jaspa), Rock Rage Radio (Controlled Chaos), Rock Underground TV, Rych Rage Rock Show, ScreamRadio, Shareradio, Slammin Tunes, Stella FM, The Foundry (NACC Internet), The Justin Sane Show (Syndicated), The Killogic Effect (Syndicated), The Rock Metal Podcast, Top Rock Radio (DJ Beerman), Wild Ride Radio, Wolfman Radio (Rotation), Wyrd Ways Rock Show, 24 Kalmar, AMNplify, Dying Scene, Elicit Magazine, GBHBL, Hellfire Magazine, Ignotus, Kraykulla, Loudd, Metal Rock Punk News, Mosh Pitter, Necromance, Ouch Yoiure On My Hair Podcast, Rock & Wrestling, Skope Magazine, Stalker Magazine, The Rock Metal Podcast, Top40-Charts.com, Zona Zero, with many more coming on board every day!

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