Out Now: Silicon Nitride by Sydney Fate


The brand new full-length album, Silicon Nitride by Sydney Fate is out worldwide today! The album was recorded & produced by Joe Graves and Sam Graves (Asking Alexandria, Eyes Set To Kill, In Visions) at Innersound Audio. Highlights on the album include “Sound Alive”, a positive song about overcoming obstacles in life, “Oceans” which tackles how your surroundings have a big impact on the way you see the world, and “TACENDA” which is about the inner conflicts of the mind. Altogether, the album contains 8 emotionally charged melodic anthems, which are sure to make a lasting impression!

Silicon Nitride by Sydney FateArrow Lords of Metal gives the album 8/10 saying “silicon Nitride is a debut that matters… a promising young band” and Bro-Metal says “the whole album is banger after banger, there’s not one filler” giving it 4/5 stars! But that’s just the beginning… see below for just a sample of early supporters of the album!

Get the full-length album on iTunes, Amazon MP3, or Google Play, and stream it via Spotify, Apple Music, Music Unlimited, Deezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, YouTube, and more!

Silicon Nitride by Sydney Fate is already receiving critical acclaim from the press and strong support at radio. Following is just a sample of the early supporters: Radio and Music, True Metal, Power Metal.de, Vero Rock, Scream Magazine, Dutch Metal Maniac, Necromance Magazine, Insane Blog, Metal Temple, Buzznet, Jam, Power Play Magazine, Wall of Sound, Bro-Metal, Arrow Lords of Metal, Metal Force IT, Planet Mosh , Greek Rebels, Highwire Daze, The Metal Syndicate, Metal Meyhem Radio, Gourmet Roadkill Zine, Pitkives, Skylight Webzine, Metal Rock Punk News, Metal Gods TV, Devilution, The Razors Edge, Grande Rock, New Wave of Classic Rock, Metalogy, MP3s and NPCs, Next Mosh, Turbo Rules, Rock Underground TV, Rock and Wrestling, Apoch’s Metal Review, World of Metal, Hellfire Magazine, Au News, Music Korner, Encyclopedia Metallium, Hitparade.ch, The Ringmaster Review, Sonic Perspectives, Rock Tribune, Yesterdaze News, Angry Metal Guy, XS Rock Web Zine, Australian Guitar Magazine, Amps and Green Screens, Eklektik Rock, Wicked Channel, Tribune News Online, Doom Charts, Metallum Sub Terra, Metal Shock Finland, Wonderbox Metal, Rock NYTT, Neo Prog, Sound of Pen, Ignotus Magazine, Crossfire, Komakino, Infrared Magazine, Metal Roos, WSOU-FM, KGAR-FM, KISW-FM (The Metal Shop), WXCI-FM (Hard Attack), KAOS-FM, The Rock Metal Podcast, Hard Rock Hell Radio, Pure Rock Radio, Museboat Radio, Cranium Radio, Top Rock Radio (DJ Beerman), CJLO-FM, WVBR-FM (Metallic Onslaught), Phoenix FM 96.7 (Metal Ashes Radio Show, Whatever68 Radio, BRfm (Rock and Roll Circus Show), WRUW-FM, The RT Rock Show – 106.5 FM, WCNI-FM, Braingell, WHWS-FM, WXAC-FM, Hard n’ Heavy, Total Rock Radio (Crossing the Streams/In Conversation), Castledown FM (House of Pain), WWSP-FM, Asgard Radio, The Welding Room, Rock Live Radio, WDBM-FM (Thee Hourz O’ Power), Metal Crash Radio, Radio Flyweb, Sonic Asylum Radio, Hard Rockology Radio, Heavy Decibels Radio Show, 88.3 Southern FM (Heavy Decibels), Cacophony Radio, WMSC-FM (The Metal Teddy Bear Experience), Metal Express Radio , Planet Of The Apes (Pirate 91.1 FM), Radio Baixada Santista, Horror Scene Radio (Shredding Metal Beasts Podcast), Ouch You’re On My Hair Podcast, Metal Authority Family, Linea Rock, KRXX / WRXX Internet Radio, Rocktrax-Vechtal-FM, Revolution X Radio, WRKC-FM, Rock Reloaded Radio, Midlands Metalheads Radio, Rock On The Rise Radio, AM1700, The Foundry, Vinland Radio, WDWN-FM, Radio Metal, Heavier Than Metal, WWPV-FM, WWUH-FM, WORT-FM, WKRB-FM The Metal Meltdown, Wolfman Radio, That Metal Station (Metal Rehab), Lincoln City Radio 103.6-FM (The Friday Rock Show), WCSF-FM, and many more coming on board every day!

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