Out Now: Redefine by Kirra


The new full-length album, Redefine by Kirra is out worldwide today! The album is the band’s third album, and it contains an earful of seventeen melodious active rock anthems. The songs cover a myriad of emotional topics, and the first single goes right for the jugular! Highlights on the album include “Caving In“, where the band talks about standing in the face of things around one’s life collapsing and confronting those issues steadfast to resolution. The second single “Free” fundamentally rejects the slippery slope of censorship and policing of people’s thoughts while outlining the conflicting relationship between technology and freedom. “Passageway” is the third single and it details the path one must travel to get out of toxic environments that prevent people from achieving their full potential, while not accepting the fate of others as one’s own.

Redefine by KirraMetal Temple gives the album 9/10 saying “well written, performed and produced… a high quality album with no drawbacks” while Original Rock says Redefine is “an explosive burst of meaningful lyrics illustrated with alternative metal melodies!”. GBHBL says “Redefine causes a myriad of emotions and delves deeply into just what a band can produce when their imagination is running wild” and gives it 7/10!

Get the full-length album on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or Music Unlimited and stream it via Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Tidal, YouTube, and more at this location.

Redefine by Kirra is already receiving critical acclaim from the press, and strong support at radio. Following is just a sample of the early supporters: Metal Injection, Afternoiz, Bro-Metal, Ghost Cult Magazine, IM Music Mag, Metal Temple, Original Rock, Outburn, Rock and Blog, Radio and Music, Metal Roos, RTMB Music, Loudhacker, Neoprog, Devils Gate Music, Metal Rock Punk News, Metal Shock Finland, Tru Rock Revival, Turbo Rules, Vero Rock, Global AZ Media, Groovey TV, Hollywood Music Magazine, National Spotlight Music News, Piercing Metal, Pure Rock Radio, The Rock Pit, Cherribird, Full Access, Hellhound Music, Rock and Wrestling, Kirra Website, Metal Meyhem Radio, Index Music, Insane Blog, Down the Front Media, Grande Rock, Kickass Forever, Next Mosh, Moments In Sound, Headrush TV, Metal Master Kingdom, 107.3 HFM (Rock Or Bust), 4 ZZZ (Scars and Guitars), 88.3 Southern FM (Heavy Decibels), AM 1700, Cacophony Radio , Castledown FM (House Of Pain), CJLO-FM, CKUW-FM (B Sides and Other Treats), Hard n’ Heavy, Hochshul Radio 97.1 FM , KAOS – FM, KFAI-FM (Root Of All Evil), KFUN-FM, KGAR-FM, KILO-FM, KIWR-FM (Sunday School), KKFI-FM, KSHP-FM, KUCI-FM, Lincoln City Radio 103.6-FM (The Friday Rock Show), Linea Rock, Phoenix FM 96.7 (Metal Ashes Radio Show), Planet Of The Apes (Pirate 91.1 FM), Rocktrax-Vechtal-FM , The Rock Solid Pressure Show, The RT Rock Show – 106.5 FM, The Welding Room (Rockdef Radio), WCNI-FM, WDWN-FM, WHWS-FM (Metallic Onslaught), WKRB-FM (The Metal Meltdown), WLVR-FM (DJ Rotation), WLVR-FM (The Nocturne), WMFR-DB (Metal Fortress Radio), WMNF-FM (Psycho Realms), WMPG-FM (Songs To Be Murdered By), WORT-FM, WRKC- FM, WRUW-FM (Rotation), WRUW-FM (Streaming Automation), WSOU-FM , WTSR-FM (Chainsaw Symphony), WVBR-FM (Metallic Onslaught), WWPV-FM (Cruisin’ Tunes), WWPV-FM (Streaming Automation), WWSP-FM (Metal Thunder), WWUH-FM, WXAC-FM, WXCI-FM (Hard Attack), AP Reacts (YouTube), Braingell Radio (DJ Crazy Ivan), Braingell Radio (DJ Rookilla), Braingell Radio (Rotation), Bullspike Radio (Turbo), Cranium Radio, CSNX 9250 Metal Meyhem Radio UK, Digital Revolution Radio, Hard Rock Hell Radio (Rotation), Hard Rock Hell Radio (The Seventh Circle), Hard Rockology Radio, Horror Scene Radio (Shredding Metal Beasts Podcast), KRXX / WRXX Internet Radio, Let There Be Rock Radio, Metal Authority Family, Metal Crash Radio, Metal Devastation Radio (The Mental Metal Show), Metal Express Radio , Metal Maximum Radio, Metal Open Mind (Podcast), Metal Rehab Radio Show (That Metal Station), Museboat Radio (PD), Ouch You’re On My Hair Podcast, Pure Rock Radio, Radio Baixada Santista, Radio Metal, Revolution X Radio, Rock On The Rise Radio, Rock Radio Northern Ireland (Friday Rocks NI Show), Rock Reloaded Radio, That Metal Station (Rotation), The Basement Tapes w/ Nick and Bootsy, The Foundry (NACC Internet), The Justin Sane Show (Syndicated), The Killogic Effect (Syndicated), The Rock Metal Podcast, Top Rock Radio (DJ Beerman), Total Rock Radio (DJ Beerman), Total Rock Radio (Dr. Evil’s Classic Rock Therapy), Vinland Radio, Wolfman Radio (Rotation), Wolfman Radio (Metal Mayhem with DJ Voodoo), with many more coming on board every day!

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