Original White Zombie drummer Ivan DePrume joins Scum of the Earth


Scum of the Earth (featuring former Rob Zombie guitarist RIGGS) have announced that Ivan DePrume has joined the band. When asked about his decision to join the band, the original White Zombie drummer explained “when Riggs approached me about joining the band, I was like “when do we start touring?”. Then he explained that the new album “Sleaze Freak” was just about to be recorded and he wanted me to learn the songs, meet up in LA and lay down drum tracks, so I had all these songs I had to learn in just a few weeks, record my ideas and send em back to Riggs, it all happened so fast…”. Riggs continued, “I got Ivan’s ideas and loved them, told him he’s in and when/where we’d be recording and the rest is history (in the making). He’s a perfect fit for the vibe of the band, especially musically. He’s an amazing drummer and person, and we’re all looking forward to having him on board as a part of the team.”

The band will begin recording “Sleaze Freak” on February 13th at Belt of Orion Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Sleaze Freak is scheduled for release sometime in Spring/Summer of 2007 through Eclipse Records.

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