New site feature: online demo critique (beta)


We get so many requests from unsigned bands to submit demo packages via email or online, and although our A&R department prefers to receive a traditional demo package in the mail, we created a new feature on our website which we are currently beta-testing… an online demo critique section.

When asked about this new feature, label president Chris Poland said, “We’re excited about the new feature of the site, it will give our A&R department yet another tool for determining which bands have a buzz building about them, which bands have a substantial fanbase, and which bands our site’s visitors are interested in. In the past, when our A&R dept got emails asking to check out a band we would just refer them to our demo submission policy. We still prefer to receive a traditional demo package, however with the new demo critique feature of the site, this gets the fans involved in the process of getting a band noticed by us. If a band were to upload a song, and it ended up receiving an overwhelming response from visitors to our website, then it would be rather difficult for our A&R department to ignore them.”

By submitting an mp3 of your band’s best song within our Demo Critique Section, you can post your song for the general public to download & listen to. After they listen to it, registered members will be able to leave comments, and vote for your song. Only submit your band’s best song, not all your material. After our moderators approve it, you’ll receive a notification email that it’s live on the site. Then all you have to do is send your fans to vote and comment about the song.

If you’re not in a band, but want to check out some cool unsigned music then visit the Demo Critique Section and if you find something you like, post a comment and vote for it. Who knows, you might help your new favorite band get the big break they deserve!

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