New cover art revealed for upcoming “Sleaze Freak” album


Scum of the Earth (featuring former Rob Zombie guitarist RIGGS) have revealed the cover art for their upcoming Sleaze Freak album to be released by Eclipse Records, this Summer. The cover image is one of seventeen original acrylic works done by renowned horror-caricature artist Paul Garner, exclusively for Scum of the Earth‘s follow-up album to their 2004 debut “Blah…Blah…Blah…Love Songs for The New Millennium“. Each of the different images illustrate the album’s “Red Light District” concept, with the booklet featuring one image for each song, plus a few extras.

When asked where the ideas for the art came from, Garner replied “As I recall, Riggs and I started with a kind of freakshow idea which mutated into the sleazy Amsterdam red light district concept which worked out much better. With the booklet art we’ve created a mini Sleaze Freak arcade… I love how the girls on display in the windows have turned out. They’re a really cool ‘n’ trashy cast of characters. Riggs and Brandon make appearances as the creepy clients skulking around the arcade looking for action.”. Riggs also chimed in, “For the cover art specifically, there were a lot of revisions we had to go through. I remember a few times where we’d come up with a version, then our label would run it by their distributor and come back to us saying it was too explicit, or the chick didn’t have enough clothes on, whatever… stupid censorship crap but finally we got to a point where the label and distro were happy. You know, some stores don’t want the right-wing religious folks organizing protests and all that shit.”

The band is currently finishing up the Sleaze Freak album at Studio 2100 in Springfield, MO and they expect to be finished mixing by June 1st.

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