Mushroomhead press release…


The dark and potent 8-piece known as Mushroomhead, has just announced that they will embark on a national tour with W.A.S.P. in support of their recent release “XX” on Eclipse Records. Released May 8, “XX,” which debuted at #2 most added at specialty & metal radio, is closing in this week, on the 24,000 sales mark at Soundscan. Mushroomhead, described by Revolver Magazine as a “rag doll death squad,” will now bring their keyboard-driven mix of psychotic vocals, killer guitars and outrageous (and memorable) live show to the masses. A boiling mixture of hard-core, metal and industrial sounds, with techno and ambient influences, Mushroomhead clawed their way out of the tough and tumble streets of Cleveland in 1993. Channeling intense aggression, an air for theatrics, a taste for the erotic, and diverse musical ideas from 8 band members, they have created music and a live show that is uniquely theirs. Featuring a thunderous yet melodic, keyboard-driven sound that appeals to metalheads, and ravers alike, Mushroomhead is giving the nation a reason to stand up and listen.
As their tour with W.A.S.P. and Dog fashion Disco hits the road, more people will have the opportunity to tap into what Cleveland has known for a long time…that an evening with Mushroomhead means: fasten your seat belts. Their stage spectacle, which always ends with a rave set, is as brutal as it is intense, and they have been drawing larger audiences than most national metal acts that have ventured through their city. Described by the Cleveland Free Times as “bludgeoning the rabid audience with their tight package of branded metal,” it seems that, “only more Mushroomhead would have made the night more cozy.” The stage show, which is best described as erotic, exotic, extreme and ultimately uninhibited, is a must see. “We give our fans so much more than they ever expect to experience,” says drummer Skinny, “its chaos, anything can happen, and it will.”
Mushroomhead, which Metal Edge describes as a “metal head’s twisted wet nightmare” and also aptly claims “make the absurd seem normal,” features Skinny on drums, Shmotz on keyboards, J Mann on lead vocals, Jeffrey Nothing on lead vocals, Pig Benis on bass, Gravy on guitar, Bronson on guitar and Stitch – Samples. Their continuous mission to push the envelope, both musically and visually, makes them set to explode. Buckle-up, they’re about to blow you away!

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