Metalcore band April 21st break vicious cycle with new “Decision” music video & single


Brazil’s fast-rising metalcore band April 21st have just revealed a new music video and single for the song “Decision“. The video was produced by Lucas Akira. Watch it right now:

“Decision” is the second single from the band’s new EP entitled Courage Is Born from Fear which is scheduled for a worldwide release on September 10, 2021 via Eclipse Records. Pre-save / Pre-Order the EP at this location.

“Decision is my favorite song from the new EP” says guitarist Herbert. “The morale of the song is that there is a solution for everything, but that solution cannot be realized unless a decision is made to change the future. Sometimes it is easy to make these decisions, and sometimes it is very difficult. For the video, we wanted to show people with a variety of emotions such as anger, despair, or sadness. They all have something in common which is the need to make a big decision in their lives. They don’t know if the result will be good or bad, bring pleasure or pain, victory or defeat. They are stuck in a cycle of uncertainty. Eventually, they must all decide, if they should ignore the decision and continue their struggle with uncertainty, or if they should break this vicious cycle of indecision in their lives and take a chance on improving their lives.

Courage Is Born from Fear by April 21stThe band’s new EP album Courage Is Born from Fear consists of five intense and honest songs. The EP was produced by Bruno Barros at the renowned Sonasterio studios in the beautiful mountains of Minas Gerais, Brazil, mixed by Arthur Damasio, and mastered by Joseph McQueen at Sparrow Sound (As I Lay Dying, Bad Wolves, Light the Torch). The cover art for the album was designed by Lucas Akira. The first single “Healing my Wounds” contains a harmony element that redefines what a verse riff might be, while the second single “Decision”, spotlights the fastest and tightest bass drum hummingbird 16ths in a blast beat that we ever might have the pleasure of hearing (and feeling right down to the marrow). “Struggling to Break This Cycle” explodes through our headphones with enough drive and funk to satisfy the most serious of metal freaks, and “Stand up and Scream” features a platform guitar solo that is the epitome of melody and speed in a glorious hybrid. Pre-save / Pre-Order the EP at this location.

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April 21st current lineup
Lukas Akira (vocals), Herbert (guitar), August Nery (drums), Helbert Collyn (bass)

April 21st

Photo: Felipe Cavalieri


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