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Italian alternative metal band Violet Blend just dropped a new full-length live album entitled Live and True via Eclipse Records on October 27. The album contains seventeen songs spanning the band’s entire musical history. The album was recorded live at Viper Theater in Florence, Italy and it was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andrea Dell’Olio and Furio Lanciano at Soundscape Studio.

Live and True by Violet Blend”The concert has always been one of the fundamental experiences and part of our work, an important piece to fully understand our music” says lead vocalist and composer Giada Celeste Chelli. “During the performance, a deep connection is created with the audience and a synergy that cannot be reproduced in the recording studio. For this reason we decided to release a live album, to share this experience with all our fans around the world. The performance is real and we wanted to leave it as raw as possible, so Live and True is exactly the mirror of how we present ourselves to the public on stage. It wasn’t something we really planned, I mean when we performed that concert we didn’t have any idea of releasing it as a live album. Our sound engineer Andrea Dell’Olio records almost all of our shows, just so we can know how things went, to listen afterwards and then adjust the performance. We always want to improve our performance and ourselves too, so concert recordings help us a lot in this sense. After an interview with an American radio station, we realized that many of our fans around the world hadn’t seen us live yet and so we started thinking about releasing one of our live performances as an album. That’s how things went, we decided to release a full concert including many of the songs from the Demons album and some from our debut album White Mask, 17 songs in total. Live and True is our first live album, our first experience of this kind and we are very thrilled. We can’t wait to see how the public will receive it. We hope you like it and that it excites you the same way every concert does to us.”

Listen to Live and True at https://lnk.to/vltliv

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Violet Blend live dates (more info)
November 3,4,5 – Florence (ITA) @ Overkill Birreria

Violet Blend discography
Live and True (LP) – 2023
My Head is Broken (S) – 2023
Voices In My Head
(S) – 2022
Demons (LP) – 2022
White Mask
(LP) – 2018

Violet Blend lineup
Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals, piano), Ferruccio Baroni (bass), Michel Agostini (drums), Edgard William Hamnett (guitar)

Violet Blend music videos:

Violet Blend releases:

Demons by Violet Blend

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