Latin Metalcore band Saint Diablo start a riot with their “Dame Todo” music video & single


Saint Diablo is a brutal Latin Metal powerhouse known for their explosive blend of driving rhythms, aggressive riffs, and fervent vocals. Hailing from Virginia, USA, the band infuses their music with Latin influences, creating a unique sound that has set them apart in the metal scene since their inception in 2004. The band just premiered a new music video titled “Dame Todo” which is the second single & music video taken from their upcoming EP album The Reckoning which will be released on July 19, 2024 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Chris Anger (III Nino, Wyclef Jean, Luny Tunes) at Sound Republic Studio; engineered by Brandon Dickey & Justin Adams at Revive Studios; and the cover art was created by Chris Anger. The music video for “Dame Todo” was directed by Brendan McGlathery at Preta Path Photography. Listen to the single on all platforms worldwide at this location, and watch the music video via YouTube below:

“In this predominantly Spanish-sung song, the video captures imagery from many Latin American, Puerto Rican, and Caribbean cultures that (being from Puerto Rico), I saw everyday growing up in my household and Latino community abroad”, says lead vocalist Tito Quinones. “When we first wrote this song, I envisioned sending a love letter to my muse and/or the audience because I’m a jealous lover and I don’t want anybody else to have them the way I have them. Naturally, with the success of our last video for Voice On the Phone, it was a no-brainer to work with Brendan McGlathery of Pretapath Photography again!” Guitarist Justin Adams adds, “During the production of this video our whole extended family came together with us as a fully functioning team. We all worked from sunrise to sunset the weekend of the shoot. Most of us had to travel back many hours to get home but it was all worth it. We were truly humbled to know we had such wonderful talent and support from our friends, families, and wives. The time spent with band members and production team getting the costumes, face paint designs, and the getting the set ready was perhaps my favorite part of the experience, and we will never forget it!

The Reckoning by Saint DiabloPrepare to be immersed in the emotional depths of The Reckoning, the gripping new EP by Saint Diablo that navigates themes of loss, self-discovery, and resilience through its powerful tracks. Produced by Chris Anger at Sound Republic Studio, this Latin metal EP promises a riveting auditory experience that will leave fans yearning for more. The journey begins with “Voice on the Phone,” a poignant reflection of loss and melancholy coupled with yearning for solace in the midst of despair. With heartfelt lyrics and emotive melodies, Saint Diablo captures the struggle to find footing in turbulent times, clinging to memories of strength and guidance from a departed loved one. Next, “Dame Todo” invites listeners into a passionate declaration of unity and empowerment. Through intimate lyrics that speak directly to fans and supporters, Saint Diablo channels the euphoria of shared purpose and camaraderie. “Cosmic Inferno” delves into darker territory, exploring themes of acceptance and defiance in the face of inner turmoil. The band confronts the notion of embracing one’s flaws and embracing the darkness within, finding strength in the realization that every aspect of their existence serves a purpose. Rounding out the EP is a dynamic live rendition of “Odio,” a fan-favorite anthem that captures the raw energy and intensity of Saint Diablo’s electrifying stage presence. With “The Reckoning,” Saint Diablo delivers a tour de force of emotion and intensity, exploring the complexities of the human experience with unflinching honesty and raw energy. The Reckoning will be released on July 19, 2024 by Eclipse Records.

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Saint Diablo tour dates (tickets & info)
June 21 – Richmond, VA @ Another Round Bar
June 22 – Hampton, VA @ Sonar Fest
June 29 – Prince George, VA @ Trash & Splash
Sept 13 – Wise, VA @ Blueridge Massacre

Saint Diablo discography
The Reckoning (EP) – 2024
Odio (single) – 2022
Devil Horns and Halos (LP) – 2015
Saint Diablo (LP) – 2012
Republica (LP) – 2008
Self-Titled (LP) – 2004

Saint Diablo lineup
Tito Quinones (vocals), Justin Adams (guitar), Anthony San Pietro (drums), Zach San Pietro (bass), Awesome Ray Ray (percussion/auxillary drums)

Saint Diablo

Photo: Brendan McGlathery


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