Hearts & Hand Grenades meld rock, country, hip-hop, & pop in new “I Just Want My Rock” music video & single


Hearts & Hand Grenades are an explosive American NWOCR group from Buffalo, NY, bursting with an edgy sound for all generations of true rock addicts, and they just premiered a new music video and single entitled “I Just Want My Rock“. This is the third single & music video taken from their upcoming full-length album Where I Begin which is scheduled to be released on January 26, 2024 via Eclipse Records. The album was engineered by Justin Rose at GCR Audio, mixed & mastered by Jeremy Tabor at Triple Zero Music, and the music video was directed by Cole Rd. Listen the single on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon Music, at this location, and watch the “I Just Want My Rock” music video via YouTube below:

“We thought it would be fun to make a song about different music genre cliché’s while poking a bit of fun at them” says lead vocalist & bassist Stephanie Wlosinski. “The different scenes in the video play on the lyrics as the video plays through. For instance, when the country section of the song is playing through, there is a cowboy and barn scene to depict what is happening with the lyrics and the video together.” Guitarist Mike Bress continues, “This was the first time we’ve done a music video that was animated. The whole process of bringing something like this to life was very different compared to any other video we’ve made in the past. The story needed to be mapped out all ahead of time and all the scenes described in as much detail as possible. Photos of all band members needed to be submitted so the characters would resemble each of us. Since we wanted to poke fun at some of today’s most popular genres of music, we had to plan it all out so it would make sense. For example, in a country song you would almost always hear about a tractor or a dog. In a pop song you get a lot of repeating lyrics in the hope of creating an earworm. In the video we tried to bring these types of things to life visually for the viewer to get the point across. We’re quite pleased with the animator Cole Rd and the final results thereof!

Where I Begin by Hearts & Hand GrenadesThe new album by Hearts & Hand Grenades is entitled Where I Begin and the record is a blast of sass and attitude! The album takes us on a journey through the toxic politics of love and relations, tearing us up, rending us raw, leaving us burning to cinders. That’s when we rise from the ashes and drown the whole damn forest fire in a thunderous squall, the music and lyrics coursing through us like sonic rip currents in the bloodstream of a savage with a battle hatchet. Listen to the songs and you will walk taller, shout louder, drive faster, love harder. The hard groove of the guitar work and percussion is  based on clever riffs and heavy, addictive hooks appealing to classic rockers, 80s metalheads, 90s grunge-lovers, and enthusiasts who reveled in the post 2000s’ resurgence of hard-ass rock meant for bars and arenas, rock rooms, saloons, theaters and festivals, rock ‘til you drop. Moreover, bassist and vocalist Stephanie Wlosinski puts on a clinic for instrumental groove-sense and glorious power-singing over an enormous guitar sound and drumming that is way more than satisfying. Where I Begin was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jeremy Tabor at Triple Zero Music, and the art was created by 119 Design. Where I Begin will be released on January 26, 2024 by Eclipse Records.

Pre-order / Pre-save Where I Begin at https://lnk.to/hrtwhr

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Hearts & Hand Grenades discography
Where I Begin (LP) – 2024
Human (S) – 2022
Between the Lines (LP) – 2021
Turning to Ashes (LP) – 2020

Hearts & Hand Grenades lineup
Stephanie Wlosinski (lead vox, bass), Mike Bress (guitar, keyboard), Kenny Blesy (lead guitar), Cory Michalski (drums)

Hearts & Hand Grenades

Photo: Meredith Snow


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