Gomad! & Monster sign worldwide deal with Eclipse Records


Eclipse Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Gomad! & Monster to an exclusive worldwide deal! Based in Madrid (SPAIN) and formed in 2011, the band’s music aims for the perfect synthesis of rock, metal, and electronic music that would architect the soundtrack to all our bold adventures. Since composing the song “Under Control” for EA Games’ Need for Speed in 2016, the band have consistently dropped top-notch releases through various European labels while hitting some of Europe’s biggest electronic music festivals, and they are currently preparing for the release of their new EP album Sickness which is scheduled for release on April 26, 2024. Pre-Save or Pre-Order the album at this location.

For a sample of the band’s past work, check out their music video for the song “Fallback” featuring Coppa at this location.

We are very proud of being a part of the Eclipse Records family” says guitarist Doc Inari. “We appreciate their confidence in our music and we are looking forward to breaking into the American market as well. We believe that we are in our best moment, with the best possible lineup and accompanied by a professional team that can take this project very far. We have a great new EP to do it with, so we were very happy when we got a response from Eclipse Records, since we believe that this can open great doors for us. We hope people enjoy our new music as much as we have enjoyed writing and producing it.” Vocalist Sebastian Shinobi continues, “We’re quite excited to reach new listeners across the ocean and spread the Rave and Roll message throughout the world with such a great record label as Eclipse Records!”

Sickness by Gomad! & MonsterSickness is the bold new EP by Gomad! & Monster, an explosion of electronic rock, solidifying the distinct sounds of acidic drum n’ bass, industrial metal, techno, and a galvanized hard edge sharp as a blade. The music is a burst of vibrant colors, an emotional kaleidoscope far more explosive than just gloom and doom. In other words, get ready to party in the pit, to dance, fight, and face desolation with defiant liberation. Sickness was produced by Alejandro Tena (Persefone, Hamlet, Pirate Queen), at Alex Tena Studio. The album cover art was designed by Edu Velasco. Sickness is scheduled for release on April 26, 2024. See below for the full list of song titles. Pre-Save or Pre-Order the album at this location.

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Gomad! & Monster discography
The Inner Encouraged Desire (LP) – 2019

Sickness track listing

  1. Ravearchy
  2. Stillborn
  3. You Must Be Ours
  4. Blue Label Boring Machine

Gomad! & Monster lineup
Sebastian Shinobi (lead vocals), Doc Inari (guitar & backing vocals), Ivy (drums & backing vocals), Alex Tena (DJ & synths)

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