Genus Ordinis Dei reveal “Genesis” music video & single, Episode 2 of metal music series & concept album, The Beginning


Ground-breaking symphonic death metal band Genus Ordinis Dei (Milan, Italy) just revealed another new music video and single entitled “Genesis”. This is the second video episode and single from the band’s upcoming full-length concept album The Beginning which is scheduled to be released on December 8, 2023. The album was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommaso Monticelli at Sonitus Studio in Crema, Italy. The video series was directed by Genus Ordinis Dei, and filmed by Steve Saints. Listen to the single on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music and more at this location, and watch the music video via YouTube below:

Genesis” is the second episode of The Beginning, introduces us to a new character, The Fallen, who teaches the Brother and Sister, a new truth. Symbolically, the water is a live being, representing a cascade of danger and fortune in the waterfall, and our tragic tendencies to follow false Gods, as The Sister lovingly caresses the reptilian skin of the river. Musically, hope and fear make our hearts race as the band takes us to a dangerous place where both emotions become one.

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“Shooting this video near the Valbondione Waterfall and at Fedaia Lake was the most physically difficult (and complicated) experience of the entire work.” says guitarist & producer Tommy Monticelli. The strong winds and low temperatures made the day very difficult for everyone involved. The actors were practically naked in their primitive costumes, and their ability to focus on the script was very low. Furthermore, the mist from the waterfall was constantly getting the camera lenses wet and it was impossible to shoot at certain angles and distances. Many scenes could only be shot in “one take”, and the tension level was high and we were all stressed out. In short, it was a real challenge. I remember on several occasions; we were reviewing footage during playback and Nick was shaking from the cold while the freezing mud ran down his body. Of course, all this happening to him made his performance even more credible. Do you want to know if we won this challenge? Watch the video to find out!”

The Beginning by Genus Ordinis DeiThe Beginning is the fourth studio album from symphonic death metal band Genus Ordinis Dei, which redefines the way we listen to music and process cinematic theater. In simpler terms, the final product is an exceptional twelve-track album and a stunning set of representative videos called “Episodes,” that directly address the way we use our senses. Interspliced in a clever foreshadowing technique, are images of blood pouring over a stone, advancing like the crooked fingers of some skeletal miscreant, and when the Brother character starts singing, we are startled into the recognition that this is not merely some standard high-quality film, but the vibrant offspring we get from a brilliant, well-produced metal album. Symbolically, the parallel is clear. We are watching exquisite savages at the dawn of existence, who are shockingly similar to us in terms of their passion, physicality, and natural tendencies toward glorified violence. More thematically, Genus Ordinis Dei shows us quite clearly that brutality is the lifeblood of society, as we still so ironically fool ourselves with carefully crafted social constructs. The Beginning is not just music. It is an experience. A red dawn. An awakening.

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The Beginning series schedule
August 4 – ‘Changing Star’ (single)
August 8 – ‘Changing Star’ (vid episode 1)
September 29 – ‘Genesis’ (single)
October 3 – ‘Genesis’ (vid episode 2)
November 10 – ‘For A New God’ (single)
November 14 – ‘For A New God’ (vid episode 3)
December 8 – ‘The Beginning’ (full-length ALBUM)
December 12 – ‘The Fortress Without Gates’ (vid episode 4)

Genus Ordinis Dei discography
The Beginning (LP) – 2023
Glare of Deliverance
 (LP) – 2020
Great Olden Dynasty (LP) – 2017
The Middle (LP) – 2015

Genus Ordinis Dei lineup
Nick K (vox & guitars), Tommy Monticelli (guitars & orchestra), Nico Pedrali (drums)

Genus Ordinis Dei



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