Genus Ordinis Dei reveal “Examination” music video and single (Episode 4 from Glare of Deliverance opera metal-music series)


Italian symphonic death metal pioneers Genus Ordinis Dei are back with yet another new single & music video “Examination” which contains the fourth song/episode of their metal music opera series and concept album, Glare of Deliverance. “Examination” continues the story of Eleanor, picking up where the previous episode “Edict” left off. The Cross has her in their clutches at the Citadel, and The Inquisitor wants to know the truth, at any cost. His eyes peer and penetrate Eleanor’s mind but the truth is hidden inside her and she won’t bite the fruit of guilt. Blood will tell though, her blood. Is there no escape for Eleanor?

Watch the new Episode 4 “Examination” music video below, and the full series at this location:

“In this episode, we introduce a new character, The Inquisitor” says lead vocalist & guitarist Nick Key. “I performed the part, and it was a lot of fun to play this elegant yet creepy character. The Inquisitor is an important figure in the story and you will see more of him in future episodes. The dinner scene is a metaphor of an examination, where The Inquisitor tries to force Eleanor to confess her guilt of dealing with the devil (represented by the apple). Emilia Scarpati Fanetti (who plays Eleanor) showed us all her talent in this episode with a full range of emotions from frustration to fear.” Guitarist Tommy Montacelli adds we chose the amazing Malpaga Castle, near Bergamo. It is a medieval castle only 30 minutes from our hometown. We were able to secure the whole castle at our disposal for the entire day! It has basically no modern elements, perfectly preserved as it was in the fifteenth century and that made filming easy with no need for post-edits like removing signs, wires and other modern objects. We had one full day to shoot footage for more than two episodes and that was the hardest part. Everyone in the crew worked hard with no breaks all day long to make it happen and we’re enormously proud of them!”

Glare of Deliverance is the band’s third full-length album, and it was produced by Tommaso Monticelli (Jumpscare, Eternal Delyria, Geschlecht) at Sonitus Studio. It features ten tracks of soaring, powerful symphonic metal that will leave you sonically and visually amazed. The opera metal music video series brings the concept art of Tom Roberts Illustration (Ghost) to life and may even give you nightmares! The horror-esque storyline leaves you feeling helpless, unable to save Eleanor from her corrupt accusers while the hooks of the music remind you of her struggle. Glare of Deliverance is much more than a follow-up to the band’s sophomore album Great Olden Dynasty however… It is a series of ten individual songs, each with its own music video/episode. These “episodes” combine in sequence like a short film or television series that tells the story of a young woman named Eleanor who is persecuted by the Holy Inquisition. Without a doubt, this was the band’s most ambitious undertaking yet, because the scope and vision of the project had grown monumentally huge in comparison to their previous projects. Aside from recording & producing an album worthy of a Grammy in the metal category, the band had to pull together a full production team for the video series which consisted of concept artist Tom Roberts (Ghost), costume designers, animal trainers, a cast of actors & actresses, visual effects supervisors, special effects wizards, stuntmen, catering services, and even a full orchestral choir. By securing special permits, and quarantine of cast & crew they were able to stay on schedule throughout the first half of 2020, and the result is an epic masterpiece of symphonic metal combined with the executed artistic vision of four brilliant musicians.

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Genus Ordinis Dei discography
Glare Of Deliverance (LP) – 2020
Nemesis – feat. Melissa VanFleet (single) – 2018
Hail and Kill
(single) – 2018
Great Olden Dynasty (LP) – 2017
EP 2016 (EP) – 2016
The Middle (album) – 2015

Genus Ordinis Dei lineup
Nick K (vox & guitars), Tommy (guitars & orchestra), Steven F. Olda (bass), Richard Meiz (drums)

Genus Ordinis Dei

Photo: Mattia Gianelli


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