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We’re giving away copies of the Streetcult Marketing Loud Music Compilation CD – Volume 10… for FREE! This is the tenth volume of the highly-successful Loud Music Compilation CD series, featuring some of the coolest metal bands on the scene today.

Tracklisting (artist – song title):
1. Dead By Wednesday – Pawns
2. Green Jelly – Gefilte Fish
3. Scum of the Earth – Love Pig
4. Resurrecturis – The Fracture
5. Anubis Unbound – Love, Lust, & Eternal Damnation
6. Unset – Fall
7. Anamide – Bow
8. Uncrowned – Remember Your Ghost
9. Janus – Eyesore
10. Megaherz – Gott Sein 05
11. Saint Diablo – Tina
12. Disonic – The More I Lose
13. Primal Embrace – Showing Teeth
14. Skinbound – Crucified
15. Twisted Roots – Voices
16. Ninetail – Trials Of A Madman
17. Five Foot Thick – Unfounded

You can get this compact disc for free by either of the following two options:

Order via snail mail (available to U.S. residents only):
Send $2.00 cash, check, or international money order (payable to Eclipse Records) to cover shipping & handling costs to the following address:

Eclipse Records Inc.
c/o Free Streetcult vol.10 CD offer
PO Box 51
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444-0051

All orders are shipped within 2-3 business days after receipt.

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