Frankley Everlong reveal new ‘Animatronic’ music video


Swedish pop-punk rockers Frankley Everlong have released yet another new music video, this time for the song ‘Animatronic’. This is the fourth video taken from their sophomore full-length album Till the Dance Do Us Part which was released worldwide on January 18, 2019. The band features former ENTRAILS vocals/bassist Tommy Carlsson on lead vocals and guitar. Watch the video below, right now!

“We wanted to make an old school sci-fi video, driving Olof´s Buick Skylark through space” says vocalist Tommy Carlsson. There is this huge barn where we could shoot the video, and we spent a couple of days getting everything ready. On the day of filming, there was a huge snowstorm, so we spent 14 hours in the freezing cold shooting the video. It was fun, but yeah… it´s cold in space so it felt very realistic!”

The band have revealed three previous music videos from the album for the singles Till the Dance Do Us Part, As You Wither, and Endless Infinity. The album received critical acclaim from press & radio alike, with Spotify placing the song ‘Endless Infinity‘ into their Pop Punk’s Not Dead & New Punk Tracks playlists. Ignotus Magazine says “Till the Dance Do Us Part is the new standard by which all pop-punk-rock bands will be measured” while Stalker gives the album 9/10 stars saying it “won’t ever get boring because there’s always something new to discover!

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