Five Foot Thick announce bad news…


The band has decided to take a break from things for a while. It’s unknown when/if they will reunite or get back together, however for now, they are taking some time off.
George Silva, said the following earlier… “So it is with sad hearts, that we the 5 members of FFT have to bid you all a very heartbroken farewell! It has been a very successful 9 years for us and we look back on all of our accomplishments and feel very proud to have had all of the opportunities that we did and also to have had all of you in our lives. We thank each and every fan that bled for us for all of these years. The fans who branded their bodies for life w/ FFT logos & tattoos and came out to every show with a hungry heart and poured out your souls with and for us, we will definitely miss you the most!! As most of you may not know this music industry is a very trying, monetarily unrewarding and unforgiving career choice to be a part of. After 9 years it finally got the best of good old FFT too! The most of us are just ready to invest some more time and energy in to our “REAL JOBS…well the ones we actually make a little money at. I wouldn’t call em’ real, but at least we get a pay check. It is just time for all of us to look ahead to the future and make sure that all will be secure for us and our families in the years to come. All of that had been shelved and put on the back burner to make FFT our top priority for all of these years (shit, none of us are getting any younger)! You will all forever be in our hearts, we will never forget the FFT era of our lives, nothing will ever compare, it was THE BEST!!!”

We wish the best to FFT, and will miss them.

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