BLOWSIGHT release Hit On The Radio single throughout N. America


BLOWSIGHT have just released their latest single, ‘Hit On The Radio’ taken from the band’s latest full length album entitled Life & Death, which was released in North America on April 9, 2013 by Eclipse Records (Mushroomhead, Scum of the Earth, Saint Diablo).

Blowsight - Hit on the Radio


The new single features three versions of ‘Hit On The Radio’ for fans – the album version (3:46), a radio edit (3:19), and a remix version (3:52), which was arranged and remixed by lead vocalist Nick Red, and is available for download from iTunes, Amazon, and better music stores everywhere.

Hit On The Radio is one of those songs that I always wanted in the Blowsight repertoire – a song that can be played on a party, a song that just makes you wanna dance, a song that honors my love for people who can be themselves and stand in the middle of the dance floor like they “just don care” explains singer Nick Red. “ I remember seeing this girl at a pub once, she looked so damn boring… neutral… she passed us and had a few pints with her friends. After a while, the speakers screamed out “Finger Lickin’ Good” by the mighty Beastie Boys, and she started dancing (in her chair). She was smiling, miming, and instantly turned my impression of her totally upside down. She became so-damn-sensual. She let go and became herself, 100 percent, showing her true personality… THAT’s the kind of people I want to see populate the world.”

Blowsight have also recently released a music video for ‘Hit On The Radio’, viewable at:

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