American Anymen reveal “My Vacation” music video


Antifolk turned industrial band American Anymen just dropped their new full-length album Cities Changing Names and revealed a new music video for the song “My Vacation“, once again directed by Brett Sullivan. Watch the new “My Vacation” music video via YouTube, and stream the full album on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer and more at this location right now!

“My Vacation” is the third music video from the band’s new full-length album Cities Changing Names, which was just released worldwide on June 10, 2022 via Eclipse Records. “This song is about the problems of the world becoming more and more of an obstruction to the average person’s life,” says lead vocalist & guitarist Brett Sullivan. “It used to be about climate change and that the environment would collapse in 30 years, but now things are happening in the present, right before our eyes. I wrote this song because even in the face of a pandemic, war, and environmental extinction, Americans seem more determined than ever to escape reality by burying themselves in vacations, movies, and the never-ending distractions provided by social media. We are trapped in an impending hell, but we still want to plan for our next vacation.”

Cities Changing Names by American AnymenCities Changing Names is an album of sonic violence and unbridled energy. Each cut is a burst of power that features a sort of pristine mechanization wearing a cloak of raw, human tragedy. This sweet dichotomy is both elegant and hard core, addictive and welcoming. The musical presentation itself is based on this technique of pairings reversed in no clearer a manner than the production of the drums versus the vocals. The “norm” would have the hummingbird 16ths deep and resounding, the snare rich and reverberant. In turn, the vocal would be “up close,” like the “presence” we all enjoy face to face, in that intimate moment right before a kiss. Here, American Anymen turn that on its head, presenting the drum sounds in your face and at the very doorstep of your heart, close enough to touch, while making the vocal echoed, distant, haunting, and mysterious. Each track raises the level of the game in terms of brute force and fireworks, and the listener comes away feeling potent and strong. Altogether, this record reanimates your spine. It gets behind your eyes and makes your mind an echo chamber of colors and explosions. And whether you prefer the political side of the arena, or the trippy one that might hear these tunes and picture a mechanized army on hyper speed coming from the dark underworld of some distant planet, American Anymen is the vehicle of choice. It’s at the starting line. It’s kicking up smoke and the engine is roaring.



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American Anymen discography
Plaza Suite (LP) – 2020
Start My Center (LP) 2016
Destroy Interesting (EP) 2014
Social Realism (LP) 2014
Land of the Fee (EP) 2012
22 (LP) – 2005
Anxiety (EP) – 2004
Kill Your Neighbors (LP) – 2003
Propoganda (EP) – 2002
Hello (EP) – 2001
Orig. 4 Trk. Rap (LP) 1999

American Anymen lineup
Brett Sullivan (vocals, guitars, violin, bass), Scott Fragala (bass), James Knoerl (drums)

American Anymen promo pic

Photo: James Levy


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