A Breach of Silence reveal new Secrets music video


Australia’s award winning powercore-metal pioneers A Breach of Silence have revealed their brand-new Secrets music video for the title track off their latest album Secrets. This is the third music video from their latest full-length album produced by Fredrik Nordstrom (Bring Me the Horizon, Arch Enemy, In Flames). The video was directed by Matt Donaldson.

“The issue with the world right now is that social media reinforces your beliefs and opinions (whether they are right or wrong), which can create less free-thinking and more uneducated opinions” states bassist Blair Layt. “the result is people fall further down a path of values (or lack thereof) based upon those reinforced beliefs. At the end of the day it takes critical thinking and due diligence to weed through all the false messaging out there. That’s essentially what we wrote the song about, but we tried to write it in a way, so people can connect to it however they want. There’s a million different ways to interpret it, and that’s the beauty of music.”

Guitarist Mat Cosgrove elaborates, “For the Secrets music video, we wanted to do something a little different. We used “beauty” as a metaphor for the music. We wanted to feature some of our favorite places in Queensland which are very close to our hearts, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have someone a bit more attractive than us in the video either. But what is she thinking? What does her body language, and facial expressions mean? It all depends upon how you interpret it. Based on whatever you think, it can be interpreted in any number of ways. That’s the essence of music and the arts, it can be seductive and breath-taking while not “forcing” someone to draw a specific opinion about something. That’s our Secret.”

5/5 “this album shows a band, that deserves to be among the world’s best” Heavy

8/10 – “thirteen tracks on the album, and there isn’t a bad one among them, definitely pick up a copy!”Hysteria

March 10 – Belconnen (AUS) @ The Basement w/ Hostel, Drowning Atlantis (tickets)

Secrets is available now on compact disc, iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play, and stream the full album via Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and more!

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