A Breach of Silence and SiriusXM Octane team up for premiere of new music video The Darkest Road


A BREACH OF SILENCE have teamed up with SiriusXM Octane, to host the world premiere of their emotional new music video for the band’s latest single The Darkest Road. On Christmas Eve, 2012 a near fatal waterslide accident occurred, leaving a close friend of the band, Dan Graf, quadriplegic. With the offer of treatment, he has been working to achieve the medically impossible by learning to walk again. This film clip chronicles his determination, perseverance, and journey along ‘The Darkest Road’. The video may be watched at the SiriusXM Octane Facebook Page.

If you spend your time always taking the easy way out, then you’ll learn nothing. You’ll gain nothing. You’ll never aspire to anything”, states bassist Blair Layt. “This song is an anthem to everyone out there struggling to make it over a serious hurdle in life, whatever that may be. Our friend Dan, he is an inspiration which we can all learn from by example… Keep your head up, one foot after the other, take The Darkest Road… and you’ll be a better person for it.” The video was directed by Col Cadell, with footage of the band and Dan Graf shot in Australia, and Los Angeles, CA respectively.

The song for the video comes off their highly-anticipated sophomore album The Darkest Road which was released on October 7th, and is available for download from iTunes, andGooglePlay, while CDs are available via Eclipse Records, BestBuy, Fye, and Amazon. The full album is also streaming via YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and Rdio.

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