Eclipse Records Discovery: New Metal and Rock Music


Eclipse Records Discovery – New Metal and Rock Music

Discover the latest kickass metal and rock tracks from Eclipse Records. If you’re looking for the best metal and heavy modern rock music playlist with a focus upon Eclipse Records bands, then this music playlist is for you. Updated frequently, we pick a heavy selection of the hottest new tracks from our latest releases, as well as our hit catalog titles. This Spotify playlist is will blow your speakers! Have a listen and please give us a follow!

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You might be wondering how we select these metal and rock songs and manage to update our playlists. It is no easy task, however we will tell you! We pay very close attention to the songs by our bands that radio stations are currently spinning, and the videos which press and media are writing about in their magazines, websites, and vlogs. Our staff make suggestions to our curators, and we look very carefully at analytics on the various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. From time to time we listen to suggestions by the fans as well, because they’re out “in the trenches” seeing what’s happening through word of mouth and as a result, they’re sometimes the best measurement of which songs are connecting with the music scene. After all this information is gathered, we have a brief music meeting early Friday morning, and we go through the list of possibilities, and the result is what we feel is the ultimate Spotify playlist across all streaming platforms… Eclipse Records Discovery!

This metal and rock playlist only features Eclipse Records recording artists. For information about getting your song included within our other Spotify playlists, check out our Spotify playlist submission form