Crushing Currents: the Best Metal Playlist on Spotify


Crushing Currents – the Best Metal Playlist on Spotify

Crushing Currents is the best metal playlist on Spotify. This playlist contains the best metal and rock songs that we’re currently listening to at Eclipse Records. If you’re looking for a taste of our personal favorite songs which inspire us to get stuff done here in the office, then this playlist is for you! We update this music playlist every week, so it always remains fresh & exciting!

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We put a lot of effort into selecting these songs and updating our playlists every Friday because it’s important to keep them fresh, new, and exciting. Doing all this playlist curation is no easy task however. Our curators spend long hours monitoring the radio charts, new release schedules from other heavy metal record labels, and we pay particular attention to the newest releases by Eclipse Records bands which are currently spinning on commercial, satellite, college, and internet radio stations. We carefully examine sales and airplay reports on the various digital download services and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. From time to time we also listen to what the fans tell us via email, and messages on Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes the best measurement of which songs we should include are simply a gut feeling, and sometimes we’ll throw in some bands we plan on working with as well! After we make a careful assessment of the different songs, we stare making decisions, and douring our music meeting on Friday mornings, we run down the list of possibilities, and the result is what we feel is the best metal playlist across all streaming platforms… Crushing Currents!

For information about getting your song included within this Spotify playlist, check out our Spotify playlist submission form