Record Label Services

We offer a wide variety of record label services which generally fall into two different categories. Music Marketing Services and traditional Record Label Services.


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We here at Eclipse Records discover amazing bands from all over the world each and every day. While we would like to work with many of them, doing so under our usual course of operations is sometimes not practical. Budgets are often allocated in the previous year, and release schedules with our distributors are typically set four to six months in advance. While many of these bands possess amazing music, some may not yet be “ready” to be signed by Eclipse Records under the terms of our traditional recording contracts. On a case-by-case basis, we sometimes offer these independent artists a full range of record label services and music business expertise as consultants, and they remain free agents. Through one-on-one meetings with our experienced staff, we are able to cover the full range of services we offer to our roster of signed bands, handling a multitude of various aspects necessary to build the band’s brand, increase visibility among targeted music consumers, handle all production and fulfillment of CD, vinyl, digital, and merch orders, oversee publishing & synchronization income, procure touring opportunities, and most importantly the complete setup and execution of a new album release, covering the gamut of radio promotion, publicity, and touring opportunities. We have the connections and know-how to make it happen. This allows us to guide the artist based upon our experience, help them grow as a band, and eventually develop a foundation upon which the band can steadily grow under our guidance and supervision. Only then, could we consider offering a more traditional type of deal in which Eclipse Records assumes greater capital investment and risk, in taking the band to the next level and beyond. If interested, please contact us for further details.