Record Label Internship at Eclipse Records

Music Business Internship Information

At Eclipse Records, we are constantly looking forward to empower the next generation of music industry leaders through offering various music business internship experiences to students throughout the country. We offer various record label internship opportunities in marketing, A&R, graphic design, publicity, promotions, and more. Our music industry internship program enables students to engage with and learn from industry experts across a wide range of interests to expand their professional experience in a creative, diverse, and educational learning experience under the direction and vision of our founder & label president, Chris Poland. Read more about Eclipse Records here.

Areas of the Record Label Internship & Learning Experience:

  • Artist Development – build a foundation for artists to grow upon, build their fanbase, grow their social media following, develop and improve their image & branding, advise & interact with the bands while guiding them to follow best practices, etc…
  • Community Management – develop, engage, motivate, and reward a community of fans for a band
  • Creative Design – designing visual image & video elements for bands which are used in marketing, promotion, and advertising campaigns to spark interest, and engagement with a band’s music, video, and digital assets
  • NFTs, Web3 & Crypto – develop, build, and execute a roadmap for digital collectibles, driving new revenue streams and utility to increase the value proposition for fans who purchase digital tokens or NFTs
  • Streaming & Playlist Promotion – pitching and securing our artists’ music across the streaming space. Create effective marketing campaigns that serve as vehicles to foster discovery and streaming growth. Live and breathe the editorial playlist ecosystem and communicate regularly with our DSP partners so that our label, artists, and repertoire are a priority for all opportunities
  • Publicity & Public Relations – discovering and developing relationships with new & existing press & media contacts, pitching them for coverage, reviews, and feature consideration, writing press releases, following up with contacts for procuring additional coverage
  • Radio Promotions – discovering and developing relationships with new & existing radio stations, pitching them for rotation adds and spins
  • Social Media – engaging with and developing relationships with influencers, assisting bands with creation and posting a steady stream of content to increase engagement and exposure, management of band social media profiles, and more
  • Talent Acquisition / A&R – search for and reach out to undiscovered & unsigned bands, begin a dialog to introduce them to Eclipse Records, and work towards onboarding new talent to the label

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