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Get Your Band Signed

Eclipse Records - logoIf you want to get your band signed, or you know a great band that has a strong work ethic, please submit to our A&R department for consideration. Unlike many other record companies, we accept unsolicited material however, due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we can only respond to the bands that we are interested in working with. Please, only send us your music if you are willing to work hard. We work really hard here at Eclipse Records, and we love the bands we work with. We’re passionate about them, because we are their biggest fans. A band’s work does not stop once it gets signed, that’s when the real work begins!

There are two ways to get your band signed by our A&R department. The easiest (and preferred) way is by submitting digitally, using the form below. All bands are reviewed in the order received and we will respond if we are interested. The best advice we can give you to get your band signed is to provide us with information about your band that will make it stand out from all the other bands we receive submissions from. We’re interested in knowing what the band has accomplished so far (regardless of how big or small those accomplishments are). Don’t be shy, let us know everything you feel is important about your band. What are the major selling points? Why would people be interested in your band’s music when they could be listening to more established bands that they’re more familiar with? Does anyone in the band have connections to anyone in more established bands already? Has the band toured with established bands, and if so which bands and when? Any interesting information that you can include to get your band signed is welcome. You may also send a physical package in the mail. Please scroll down to the Physical Submission guidelines at the bottom of the page.

Digital Submission

You may do a digital submission by completing the following form:

    Band Name:

    Where is this band located?

    What is the closest major city?

    Official website URL:

    Facebook profile URL:

    Instagram profile URL:

    Spotify profile URL:

    YouTube channel URL:

    TikTok profile URL:

    Twitter profile URL:

    If you have unreleased music to submit, please provide a private Soundcloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, EPK or other private link for us to hear it:

    Please tell us what expectations you would have of Eclipse Records if we were to offer your band a record deal:

    Briefly, tell us about some amazing things your band has accomplished which set you apart from all the other bands:

    Your Name (required):

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    How did you find out about Eclipse Records? If someone referred you to submit your band to us, please tell us their name:


    Physical Submission

    The second way to get your band signed by Eclipse Records is to submit your band’s material to our A&R department for consideration by sending a demo package in the mail. Demo packages should include anything which you think would show that your band is different from the onslaught of other submissions we receive. Show us stuff that will make us believe your band is worth our time, money, and effort. Make us believe that your band is worth the risk, and you will work hard as a part of our roster, in building your brand and taking it to the next level and beyond.

    Some key things to remember when sending us your package:

    • Write the name of your band really big on the outside of the package
    • Your band’s most recent CD
    • Biography or history & press photo of the band
    • Bullet list of press quotes & highlights if any exist
    • Tour and live performance history for the past 6 months
    • Contact information for the band’s manager and/or members (name, email, mailing address, phone, etc…)
    • Include some swag for our interns, they work hard here and they love free goodies

    It is not necessary to send your package overnight or via Federal Express. Demos sent on cassette tapes or vinyl will not be listened to. Please send your package to us at the following address:

    Eclipse Records
    c/o A&R Submissions
    P.O. Box 51
    Pompton Plains, NJ 07444-0051
    United States of America

    Please do not call or email us to ask us, we’re really very busy working for the bands currently signed to Eclipse Records. Just follow the guidelines above and if we are interested, we’ll call you. It is not necessary to follow up on a package or digital submission which you have sent, we will check it out. All material submitted is listened to and considered in the order it is received.  Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions we receive, we can only respond to the bands we are interested in working with, and under no circumstances can we return anything we receive.

    We look forward to checking out your band!