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Dyon (rhythm guitars and vocals), John Tass (lead guitars), George Andrian (drums)

Vonavibe are a heavy modern rock band formed in 2016 and based in Athens, Greece. In 2016 they self-released the E.P., Vol.1, containing three original recordings, and won first place at the Global Battle Of The Bands. Moreover, in 2017, the band earned first place for Best New Band by Panik Records while also capturing first place at the DesertFest Contest. In 2018, after landing a deal with Panik Records, they released two singles titled, “Come Undone” and “Run‘n’ Hide – Live at Berlin.”

In 2019, Vonavibe entered the studio to record their debut album, yet in 2020 Dyon was in a motorcycle accident that left him in a wheelchair for more than a year. It took almost two years for Dyon to recover from his injuries; however, the band, being restless, managed to finish the album. This is the point where Vonavibe left Panik Records in search of a label with experience in heavy music as well as a worldwide spectrum. In November, 2021, with the prohibition of live shows still in effect, Vonavibe released the E.P. titled, Locked Up, containing three cover songs paying tribute to The Weekend, Tears for Fears, and Linkin Park.

Amid Covid and the aforementioned personal obstacles, Vonavibe created their debut album, Bleed to Life, containing gargantuan proportions of heavy (and ultimately satisfying) chock ‘n’ gravel rock sounds that bring to mind all our favourite bars, beaches, arenas, and rock festivals. The vocals are diverse and superlative. The drumming is innovative, the lyrics addictive.

As for the songwriting, Dyon handles the music, lyrics, and studio production, but the band’s input is intricate and colorful. Usually, they start with a vocal line or guitar riff that the guys build on and experiment with, yet it is the melody that drives the process. Dyon actually begins word-wise with gibberish, eventually writing lyrics based on syllables or phrases that stick. It is a technique that was most famously used by Freddie Mercury, who always had the same thing to say when fans, reviewers, or reporters asked for the meaning of the song when the “syllables” turned out to be ambiguous. The sound, shapes, and tone come from me. The interpretation belongs to you. (Paraphrased). Of course, George brings a wide variety of drum patterns to the table, as John composes those raucous lead guitar solos that seem to take wing and burst into the stratosphere. Altogether, the result is massive, and while the music is pleasantly surprising, it comes off bold and real, like a flash of the sun on the waves of the sea. On more technical grounds, the recording and mixing processes took place in Vonavibe’s own, Red Toy Studio. For the rhythm guitars, they used an old Mesa Rectifier, paired up with a Diezel Herbert going through Mesa Rectifier cabs. For the solos, they employed an early Bogner Uberschall, one of Reinhold Bogner’s personal guinea pigs, going through an old, beat-up Marshall 4 x 12. Bass wise, they opted for Darkglass Microtubes for the distorted tones and an Ampeg SVT Classic for the clean ones. All vocals were recorded with a Shure SM7B going through a Neve Shelford Channel.

Altogether, Vonavibe are the real deal, all jet fuel and drive without pomp, empty dreams, trick mirrors or shadows. Bleed to Life is an honest record. It’s full sounding, full of balls and heart, and when we listen to it, we feel like we could do anything, like we matter in a big way, like real life just became paradise.

Throughout the years, Vonavibe have shared the stage with Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Monster Magnet, Gus G, and many more. They signed with Eclipse Records in 2022, and their full-length album Bleed to Life was subsequently released on May 26, 2023.