Valkyrie’s Fire

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Bettie Floyd (vocals), Adam Sanders (vocals), Joey Grimaldi (guitar), Ryan Metroka (drums), Dave Hale (bass)

Valkyrie’s Fire are a symphonic power metal band from Nashville, Tennessee (USA), born of true emotional passion that ignites our hearts and unlocks the deepest mysteries of the soul. A feast for the senses, the band draws influence from metal masters such as Nightwish, Epica, Nocturna, Tarja Turunen, and Ad Infinitum, though one can easily see that this bold new project offers us a fresh sound clearly establishing them as the symphonic metal powerhouse from the American south.

Valkyrie’s Fire are Bettie Floyd on vocals, Adam Sanders on vocals, Joey Grimaldi on guitar, Ryan Metroka on drums, and Dave Hale on the bass, and listeners are immediately drawn in with soaring melodies shared by the two singers, sometimes in solos, others in harmony or clever unisons where they masterfully toy with octaves and accents. Now, add the badass aesthetic tapestry of a powerhouse backbeat, a unique low-end bass attack, and a blazing guitar, and we get a glorious hybrid of sweet darkness, longing, and wonder all connecting with fans as if they’ve become the sixth bandmember.

Dave Hale started this project in 2020, coming up with the preliminaries like logo design, ideas for social media pages, and marketing strategies that would be the foundation of Valkyrie’s Fire. In terms of a musical vision, he wanted to create a unique blend of rhythmic timing and instrumental storytelling that would make us all majestic warriors of the night. Singer Adam Sanders joined up in the summer of 2021, contributing his education in music theory and composition, and in 2022, they added drummer Ryan Metroka who was formally educated in percussion. In 2023, they met guitarist Joey Grimaldi at a recurring local musical event called “Guitar Night,” and with his experience playing classical guitar and piano, he helped cement their signature sound. A few weeks later the band discovered treasure when vocalist Beth (Bettie) Floyd brought to the group her spellbinding blend of lyric soprano and mezzo soprano vocals, completing Valkyrie’s Fire and initiating this grand musical experience as something that is no less than life changing.

Valkyrie’s Fire were nominated as The Group of the Year for The Josie Awards in the Rock / Metal category in 2024, making them relevant and exciting, and in their awesome live performances they weave the audiences into the given show like blood brothers and sisters. In reference to polish and presentation, all of the website photographs are products from Jessica Sullivan of SynnFox Photography, and more of her work is presented on the band’s social media pages.

Valkyrie’s Fire have come to us not only as a new chapter of symphonic power metal, but more a revolutionary redefinition. Their forthcoming album titled, Ascension is intricate and pleasing, passionate and powerful. The enticing vocals, shredding guitars, and air-tight rhythm section send us on a magical journey filled with mystery, drama, and intrigue. It is here for us; let’s go, bring it on. Ascension is scheduled to be released by Eclipse Records on November 8, 2024.