The Pain Method

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Rob Moschetti (lead vocals & guitar), Rob Youells (drums), Jason Trenczer (lead guitar), John Fattoruso (guitar), Will Winton (bass)

Alternative metal has been begging for a renaissance for quite some time now, and it’s finally here. New York City’s THE PAIN METHOD is what your ears have been screaming for! After the breakup up Generation Kill in mid-2017, Rob Moschetti (Pro-Pain, M.O.D.) and Rob Youells already had an ace in their pocket. At the time, they had been working with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (Run-DMC) on the Fragile Mortals album The Dark Project with producer Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N Roses, Sons of Apollo). This collaboration marked the up-turn and forward momentum pushing Moschetti and Youells to expand their writing, ultimately taking them in an entirely different musical direction. At Youells’ urging, they went ahead and wrote a whole new album, and the distinct sound that defines THE PAIN METHOD was born.

Moschetti and Youells quickly entered Jrodd Studios in Pomona, NY to record the new material. As the album began to take shape, they called on former Generation Kill bandmate Jay Trenczer (Mutilation, Badseed) to bring his unique guitar style to stir the creative pot. Next, they recruited John Fattoruso (Stereomud, Black Water Rising) and Will Winton (Thanatotic Desire), and The Pain Method was finally complete. Shortly thereafter, their new full-length album What Doesn’t Kill You… was born.

Music has been my life story” says front man Rob Moschetti. “it’s all l know, and all that I’ve ever wanted in my life. For the first time in my music career…. I am truly expressing myself musically, and I’m able to tell my life story lyrically. Music is not what l do, it’s what l am.” Bassist Will Winton continues, “Music has been my escape from the ugliness in life. It has truly saved me. Being able to create something and see people connect to it is an absolute gift.”

In February of 2018, the band officially introduced the lineup and new material to a sold-out show at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ. The rumors of the growing powerhouse that was erupting out of New York City made their way to the ears of Chris Poland at Eclipse Records (Mushroomhead, Bobaflex, A Breach of Silence). After listening to several tracks from the new album, he immediately knew that he wanted to be a part of their journey, and in March they signed a worldwide deal with Eclipse Records.

The soul of a band cannot fully emerge unless the individual musicians encounter the full gamut of life’s experience. Through this struggle, perseverance, and triumph, there is one common force that drives the ultimate passion… creating music. Once the path is revealed and everyone is on the same page, the potential for greatness is inevitable. When music is your life, life will find its way.