The Krueggers

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Randy Fiora (vocals & rhythm guitar), Rikke Galla (bass), Rafael Fiora (lead guitar), Luca Rorato (drums)

The Krueggers is a post-grunge nu-metal crossover band from Sao Paulo, Brazil which was formed by Randy Fiora and Rikke Galla in 2011. Having grown up in the 90’s, the band’s sound is heavily influenced by the great rock bands of that decade such as Nirvana, Sepultura, Alice in Chains, Korn, and Stone Temple Pilots.

By the Spring of 2012 the lineup was complete, and they began writing new material in their garage with the goal of recording some demo tracks so they could get ready to hit the stage in new markets. The band performed extensively, building a fanbase in the clubs with their chaotic stage presence, and blasting sounds. They reached the spotlight of Sao Paulo’s rock scene by 2015, and this led the band to an international tour in the United States, culminating with a performance at the legendary Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles, CA.

After the tour, the band had a whole new cultural experience to draw upon and was invited by Sao Paulo’s most noteworthy rock club Manifesto Bar to open for Swedish Grammy winners, Backyard Babies. Afterwards, they quickly got back into the songwriting process resulting in deep, honest songs which have defined the band’s new sound based on their personal situations and thoughts about the world today. For The Krueggers, their days of “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” were over when they realized a higher calling… that of facing life’s real problems and making the world a better place through their music.

The Krueggers spent the next couple of years performing live, doing appearances on some of Brazil’s biggest radio stations, and reaching out to record labels to help break into new markets. By the Spring of 2019, the band had re-worked some of their songs, and connected with Eclipse Records where a deal was offered and signed by the band.

Hysterical Cold Side and Dark Memories by The Krueggers contains eleven emotionally energetic songs, showcasing the band’s unique post grunge / nu metal hybrid sound. The album was produced by The Krueggers and mixed by Diego Castro. From the very start of the album, the first single ‘Lying Machine‘ pulls in the listener with their heavy-as-balls signature riffs, challenging your identity and singing about being yourself regardless of what others may think. Other highlights on the album are ‘Bring Me Shine‘ which is about always searching for something more and never being satisfied in life, and ‘Freak Out’ which was originally written by Randy in high-school, and is about how all the kids try to be cool by acting like someone else, but really they should just let go and… freak out! Hysterical Cold Side and Dark Memories was released on January 10, 2020