Set Before Us

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Erik Tropp (vocals), Niklas Edström (guitar/vocals), Hampus Andersson (bass), Jesper Nilsson (guitar), Emanuel Borgefors (drums)

Set Before Us is an alternative melodic metalcore band from the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. Since their beginning, the band have developed a mature, polished sound which goes against the grain of traditional metalcore.

Set Before Us was formed in 2012 when five good friends came up with the idea to create music together. The quintet quickly established themselves in the local alternative music scene. While frequently playing in youth centers and pubs around Stockholm, the band quickly gained a following. Set Before Us released their first single entitled ‘Wildfire‘ in 2014, which received many positive reviews. With the wind at their backs, they quickly released their debut EP Voyagers (2014). Armed with a new repertoire and a growing fanbase, the band began playing more frequent shows. 2015 saw the release of another single, ’Highborn’, and followed up with their second EP Enigmas (2016).

The band frequently tours outside of Sweden as well, in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Estonia, Ukraine, and Russia. Throughout 2017, in between tours, Set Before Us spent most of their time writing new material and shopping pre-production demos of new material to labels. In June, the band caught the attention of Eclipse Records (Mushroomhead, A Breach of Silence, Bobaflex), and signed to the US-based label in January of 2018.

Vitae is the band’s debut full-length album, produced by Dino Medanhodzic (Smash into Pieces, Adept, The Unguided) at Radionika Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. From the inspirational “Ignite” being written about the confidence of chasing your dreams, to the painfully-personal “Identity” which tackles the negative impact of being raised by emotionally distant parents, and the single ‘Avalanche‘ which is just… epic; the band refuses to hold back opening up emotionally and spiritually to deliver a truly amazing album that will leave a lasting impression upon the metal scene worldwide. The album was released worldwide on August 31, 2018.