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Stanek (Vocals/Samples), Ratajski (Vocals), Krakowiak (Bass Guitar), Sulski (Drums), Kolus (Guitar), Krzystala (Guitar)

RiseuP are a death-groove metal band that formed in 2012 in Pszow, Silesia, Poland, with most of the players from Digger. Influenced by projects like Type O Negative and Woods of Ypres, the band has made multiple recordings including the game-changing video for the song, Angry which was met with immediate critical acclaim. When the pandemic hit and most were sheltering in place in March of 2020, RiseuP were feeling inspired rather than defeated, and by September when the lockdown was lifted, they began to send their music to record labels. Marcin Stanek, who put together the introduction along with the recordings, was blown away when Eclipse Records contacted him by email to schedule a call.

It is interesting to note that Marcin also works for the video game developer: Destructive Creations, located in Gliwice, Poland. One of their awesome products is the controversial Hatred, a shooter game presented in isometric perspective. It was designed as a reaction to political correctness, while promoting the idea of “games as art.” Another of their exceptional adventures can be experienced with Ancestors Legacy, a Real Time Strategy game heavily inspired by medieval history. Marcin says that the music and game development have motivated each other reciprocally.

RiseuP’s new record titled Destructive Machine’s Chilling Time 3:27, was named as such to salute the time in the morning, after gigging all night, that the band has typically gotten to chill and settle in for a moment. The album features a rich guitar sound that is deliciously dirty and complimented by thick rapid-fire drumming and bone-crushing bass tracks. Consequently, the vocals overlays are majestic, surprising and diverse, dynamic and exploratory.

The three singles from Destructive Machine’s Chilling Time 3:27 by RiseuP are absolutely badass and paradoxically pleasing, as they rock us straight to the core, yet altogether, leave us in disequilibrium (a popular tactic of successful, heavy hitting horror writers). Jim B offers the hook, “Drink, drink, drink!” emblazoned with overlays of speaking and growl voices that float between the headphones hypnotically. The theme: however, tells us that alcohol makes false heroes who overrate their own abilities. Rise features mechanistic super-drumming under an intricate triple-vocal that is masterfully delivered in different ranges of growl and traditional singing. The funk-factor keeps our toes tapping and our heads juking, yet the lyrics suggest that the darkest moments make us stronger only by teaching us to learn to bear scars. Finally, Prophecy, with its addictive crunch and pleasing guitar tremolo, alludes to scripture and our misinterpretation of both testaments, leading us to hypocrisy and fear as opposed to peace and enlightenment.

While all the tracks on this record have impact, there are two others to mention that stand out as signatures, or emblematic lynchpins. The first is Digital Whore, kicking off with a soothing delivery of open chords backdropped by ethereal strings. This, of course, is quickly counterbalanced by fatalistic wet heavy breathing that lays the groundwork for a chock n’ gravel funk riff that makes the listener feel like Frankenstein grooving in loose boots, Godzilla rising from the water and going on a glorious rampage. Later, a few seconds into Cut #9 titled, Slonsky Wurszt, we realize that the vocals are in another language, three in fact: Czech, Polish, and German. While the song spotlights a massive rhythm-groove and a sustained alarm-like guitar sound everyone wants the recipe for, its title is literally the name of a Silesian sausage, metaphorically balanced with the linguistic mix in terms of its multiple ingredients. The message is clear. Cultures will merge, and this is a good thing. Awareness comes from celebrating diversity, and diversity is the spice of life defined.

We love metal because it is real. It is hard and heavy. It wears its soul on its sleeve and it is difficult to play, bold and unafraid, often becoming our release, our therapist, our personal soundtrack. RiseuP are more than the music. They give us stories, plot twists, and poetry. A mirror. One that reflects our journey. One that we can look at to find beauty, even in our scars.

Destructive Machine’s Chilling Time 3:27 by RiseuP will be released worldwide via Eclipse Records on August 6, 2021.