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James Ash (vocals), Dan Ralph (guitar), Jordan Mitchell (bass), Chris Sheppard (drums), Dante Thompson (guitar)

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Naberus are a five-piece metal band heavily influenced by melodic death, and thrash metal. After forming in 2009, the band released their demo ‘Ruins of Society’ (2010), which showcased their ability to blend aggression, melody and groove. The demo captivated listeners worldwide, reaching #4 in the metal charts. The band quickly drew the attention of producer Ermin Hamidovic (Architects, Periphery, Devin Townsend) who recorded the band’s next EP release entitled The Fallen (2011) at his studio Systematic Productions. Over the next two years, the band played many shows throughout Australia, including festivals such as the prestigious Sonic Forge (2011 & 2012), and Atmoshphere. The band performed alongside Soilwork in 2015, and continued to develop a following online.

In 2014, the band began to write more songs and revisited Systematic Productions and producer Ermin Hamidovic. They released the full-length album The Lost Reveries (2016) which showcased their heavy, intricate riffs. The album received critical acclaim and dozens of positive reviews from press and metal radio alike, and Australia’s Heavy Mag even called the band Australia’s next big thing.

By early 2017, the band had a slew of new songs written, and they tapped Henrik Udd (Bring Me the Horizon, Architects, A Breach of Silence) to mix their latest album entitled Hollow, which is scheduled to be released worldwide on June 29, 2018 via Eclipse Records. Hollow features fourteen brand new songs that showcase a significant progression in the songwriting talents of James Ash and Dan Ralph, while also maintaining their roots in the unique style of metal they gained notoriety for. The album covers a wide variety of subject matter as well. From the highly personal “My Favorite Memory” being written about James’ father’s battle with dementia, to the title track “Hollow” which casts a critical light upon the hypocrisy of hate-filled religious leaders during the fight to legalize gay marriage in Australia, the band takes a no holds barred approach to their songwriting.

Naberus continues to leave audiences in awe of their energetic and captivating live shows. They continue to capture the power and aggression of their live shows in the studio on their recorded material. Now, the band are back with their new album Hollow, and are now ready to cement their place in the worldwide metal scene.

Hollow was released worldwide, on June 29, 2018.