Magg Dylan

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Brucifer (guitar), Adam (drums), Suzanne (lead vocals), Les (bass)

Magg Dylan is not an ordinary rock band, by any means. The Virginia Beach quintuplet’s high energy, emotional live shows have earned the band a reputation that precedes them. The subject matter of their music is drawn from the members’ personal life experiences such as addiction, bad relationships, and bullying. This band pours their hearts and souls into everything they create, and the result is spectacular… So is the story of how they came together, as one could even say that fate itself is to blame.

Way back in 2002, guitarist Brucifer Jordan had reached the height of his career with his band at the time, Fall In Line. They just signed a deal with No Name Records and were in the process of recording a new album with producer Michael Baskette (Sevendust, Chevelle). Due to tragic circumstances the band disbanded before completing the album. He relocated on multiple occasions as he joined other bands. Unfortunately, things never worked out and he found himself right back where he started. The struggles of pursuing his dreams led Brucifer to falling into a deep state of depression and substance abuse. After a few “dark years”, a defeated Brucifer moved back to Virginia Beach to get his life back on track and pick up the pieces.

In 2015, Brucifer had all but given up on his dreams in music, and to make ends meet he landed a job as a cook at a local bar. To make matters more difficult, the venue often hosted open mic night while he was working shifts in the kitchen, so he’d hear the patrons singing which constantly reminded him of his shattered dreams. Fate can be cruel however on one particular night in early 2017, it showed mercy… While cooking burgers over the hot stove, he overheard a woman singing at open mic, and he knew right then (just from hearing her), that there was hope. There would be a band, he would be back on stage, and she would be singing. Immediately after she left the stage, he approached singer Suzanne De Iulio to write a song together. It wasn’t long before there were multiple songs, and eventually, a full band. Brucifer was back on track, following his passions about music with renewed vigor and by the end of 2017 Magg Dylan was locked and loaded, ready to take on the world!

In 2018, the band hit the road with a solid strategy, regularly hitting venues in South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. After developing solid relationships with various concert promoters, they started getting support slots for bands such as Saliva, Otep, Texas Hippie Coalition, Unearth, Nonpoint, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and September Mourning. As the band refined their signature sound throughout 2018, they independently released a self-produced EP, and were nominated for a 2018 Veer Award by Veer Magazine in the metal category. In 2019, the band kicked off the year opening for Saliva, Drowning Pool, and All that Remains, and in March, they signed on with 434 Management. It wasn’t long, before they landed a deal with Eclipse Records, and got to work preparing a new album for the label.

Amethyst is their debut album featuring ten alternative metal anthems which showcase the band’s emotional raw energy. It was produced by Bruce Jordan and Jonathan Dolese (Skywalker, Brave New World). Highlights on the album include Scarz written about bullying, Naked Alone In the Tub which covers depression after life hands you a series of overwhelming blows. The third single from the album Delusional which goes in-depth about singer Suzanne’s past battle with alcoholism and her path to recovery. This band has been through a lot over the years, and their songs reflect the struggles, defeats, and triumphs which have given this album a life of its own!

Amethyst was released worldwide on February 21, 2020 via Eclipse Records.