Gory Blister

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Raff Sangiorgio (guitar/synths), Gianluca D'Andria (drums), John St John (vocals), Fulvio Manganini (bass)

Gory Blister are a technical old-school death metal band that made their debut in 1991 with a couple of demo-tapes that received stellar reviews by the most important Italian magazines at the time. The band was raw, exciting and new, playing impromptu concerts in garages, back-yards and bars, and their first national exposure came as a result of the mini-CD, Cognitive Synergy (1997), making the band a big name in all of Italy. In 2001, the band was picked up by the German compilation CD, Unerhort, which made the band well known Europewide.

In 2002, Gory Blister released their first full length album titled, Art Bleeds, as the first step in the journey that would define the band as pioneers, exhibiting the willingness to break free from standard tempos and “rules” that would imprison their creativity. The result was volcanic, as they received excellent reviews, expanding their fanbase from Europe to the worldwide underground.

In January of 2005, Gory Blister signed to the Dutch label, Mascot Records, and crafted the album titled, Skymorphosys (2006), including a cover version of Death’s “1000 Eyes” as a bonus track. The album was a beautiful hurricane with fine-tuned edging, as the band worked toward the aesthetic border between the logic of production and the fire-storm of innovation. A European tour with Sadus (U.S.A.) and Darkane (Sweden) followed, leading to several headlining gigs in Italy with supporting acts such as Amoral (Finland), giving Gory Blister the chance to join the Italian Evolution Festival (2007) and share the same stage with monster acts like Nevermore, Cynic, Sodom, Kataklysm, Virgin Steele, and Sebastian Bach.

In April 2009, the band recorded their third album, Graveyard of Angels, released via Mascot Records and featuring razor-sharp riffs, faster tempos and rip-saw vocals. Still, as irony was always the sharpest weapon of the greatest poets, Gory Blister also included melodic solos, backgrounds and interludes. In 2011, after touring Italy, Gory Blister began writing new songs. Moreover, guitarist and vocalist Karl Sanders from U.S. death metal band Nile, joined Gory Blister to sing as a guest vocalist on two tracks of the forthcoming album that Scarlet Records released in April 2012. The band played several gigs in Italy to promote Earth Sick as a headliner and supporting acts like Entombed, Sinister, and Obituary.

In 2014, Gory Blister signed with Sliptrick Records, and in June of the same year, The Fifth Fury was released, made up of nine tracks, marking another evolution of the Gory Blister style that featured a new definition of the band’s personality including darker riffing and a groove vibe.

In 2015/2016, a short pause followed the live gigs, in which guitarist Raff Sangiorgio released via Sliptrick Records, his first solo rock/metal album entitled Rebirth. In 2017, Gory Blister started writing and producing songs, and in 2018, the tracks captured the attention of the Danish label Mighty Music, who signed the band to record 1991 Bloodstained. titled to represent Gory Blister’s new birth in terms of maturity and their commitment to technical riffs, mid-tempo mixed meter changes and clean execution.

In 2023, Gory Blister completed their latest album, Reborn from Hatred, with a new production team and an emphasis on the groove. The writing process was more meticulous with this record, each riff and drum-fill adapted and readapted for the purpose of artistic complexity and fan appeal. Listen to the record! The warm guitar sound reflects potent mid-frequency rather than electronic gadgetry. Raff’s custom-made axe consists of a body in Okume (a lighter mahogany), Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickups and tuning in Drop C amalgamate, plugged directly into an EVH 5150 Iconic amp and Marshall cabinet. The result? Lightening in a bottle.

Gory Blister was recently signed by Eclipse Records, and this adds up to nothing less than lightning fired out of a Howitzer! Reborn from Hatred was released by Eclipse Records on September 8, 2023.