Genus Ordinis Dei

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Nick K (vox & guitars), Tommy Monticelli (guitars & orchestra), Nico Pedrali (drums)

Genus Ordinis Dei is a symphonic death metal band from Crema, Italy, established in 2011 by a close circle of professional music instructors who graduated from Italy’s most respected music academies (RGA, MMI, NAM).

In the beginning, the band sculpted its style by melting new millennium metal with symphonic sonorities, carefully defining their musical identity by developing a trilogy of releases wherein the first album released would be Act II of the story. The band’s debut entitled The Middle was released independently in 2013, and they backed it up with an intensive run of live shows across Italy and Europe.

In 2014, the band met Marco Coti Zelati (Lacuna Coil) while on tour, and a friendship formed. In February of 2015, the band got him to produce their upcoming EP which was mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio. The band signed to Danish label, Mighty Music, and The Middle received a proper release in January of 2016, along with music videos for the songs “Ghostwolf” and “Roots and Idols of Cement.”

In the Summer of 2016, the band returned to Domination Studio with Simone Mularoni as producer, to begin work on their next full-length album Great Olden Dynasty which was another exhilarating side-story to the trilogy, containing ten brand new tracks of symphonic, technical splendor. The album also featured Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil on guest vocals in the song “Salem.” In the Fall of 2016, Genus Ordinis Dei was invited to join the Delirium World Tour supporting Lacuna Coil and Forever Still, in a five-week thrill ride of thirty-one gigs in some of Europe’s most prestigious venues. The tour was a great success, landing the band dozens of positive reviews in the press. Over the following months, the band entertained offers to switch labels from several record companies, and in the summer of 2017, they signed a worldwide deal with U.S. label Eclipse Records.

Great Olden Dynasty was released worldwide via Eclipse Records on November 24, 2017, and it received critical acclaim from metal press and radio worldwide. The band celebrated the release on the road throughout the year both headlining gigs and supporting Dark Tranquility, Jinjer, and Suffocation. In the fall of 2018, the band released a single and music video covering the Manowar song, “Hail and Kill” as a tribute. In early 2019, the band toured with Evergrey and Bloodred Hourglass on The Atlantic European Tour, and they released another single entitled “Nemesis,” featuring Melissa Van Fleet on guest vocals. In the Summer, the band also performed on the Metalitalia Fest with Arch Enemy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and many more.

Throughout the remainder of 2019, the band wrote and recorded what would be their third full-length album, entitled Glare of Deliverance, produced by guitarist Tommaso Monticelli (Jumpscare, Eternal Delyria, Geschlecht) at his own Sonitus Studio. Glare of Deliverance is much more than a follow-up to their sophomore album; however, as it is a series of ten individual songs, each with its own high quality music video. These “Episodes” combine in sequence like a short film or television series, telling the story of a young woman named Eleanor who is persecuted by the Holy Inquisition. This was the band’s most ambitious undertaking yet; aside from recording and producing an album worthy of a Grammy in the metal category, they had to pull together a full production team for the video series which consisted of concept artist Tom Roberts (Ghost), costume designers, animal trainers, a cast of actors and actresses, visual effects supervisors, special effects wizards, stuntmen, catering services, and even a full orchestral choir. By securing special permits, they were able to stay on schedule throughout the first half of 2020, and the result is an epic masterpiece of symphonic metal combined with a visual experience unmatched in the music world. Glare of Deliverance was released on December 4, 2020 via Eclipse Records.

Much has happened in the world since 2020, and the band utilized the heartache of the pandemic, the teetering economy, and all the negativity in the world to light an emotional bonfire of hope and artistry that inspired their greatest work, the new album we all waited three years for: The Beginning, which is the spectacular Prequel to Glare of Deliverance. This record is a majestic metal symphony which brings to us the wonder and tragedy of mankind through intricate guitar work, thunderous drums, and vocals that rip through our spines and build us back up to glory. This is an album of aesthetic extremes: blood and light, cannibalism and familial ties, betrayal and love, barbarism and magic, all presented in such a personal way that we can’t take our eyes off the screen, nor turn the album down to low volume. This is for rockers. This is for us.

The Beginning was released on December 8, 2023 via Eclipse Records.