Frankley Everlong

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Tommy Carlsson (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Nicklas Petersson (bass), Olof Måhlgren (drums)

Frankley Everlong is a disco punk band from Kalmar, Sweden. Formed in 2009 as a straight up punk band the trio quickly grew tired of playing and writing punk music using the same formula that has been used over and over. The band’s intention is to combine elements of different types of music and create something new.

We´ve been working on our sound for several years, trying to mix different types of music together” says guitarist and vocalist Tommy Carlsson. “I love music… especially punk, disco, and heavy new wave synth. We take different elements of these genres, mix it up a bit, and create something new. It cannot be three different types of genres standing side by side however, the result has to sound only like one genre“.

Frankley Everlong released their debut album Songs for the Broken on October 31, 2014. Shortly thereafter, the band’s original bass player left the band, and was immediately replaced by Nicklas Petersson. The band toured throughout Europe in 2015 and in 2016 the band got down to writing material for a new album. “Our debut album was important to us, it pushed us in the right direction” says Tommy “but I wanted the sound to be even more defined, like mixing several different colors into one single color. I decided not to get inspired by other bands, but instead getting inspired by different sounds and trying to think differently about music. I asked myself questions such as what purple sounds like, or how different emotions sound“.

In late 2016-2017, the band began tracking these new songs, and by 2018 they finished recording their latest album “Till the Dance Do Us Part”. In January of 2018 Frankley Everlong sent the album to several dozen labels seeking a deal, and in the Summer of that year landed one with American indie Eclipse Records (Mushroomhead, Bobaflex, A Breach of Silence).

Frankley Everlong’s signature sound is one of pure energizing bounce, while maintaining a pop-punk vibe laden with disco beats. Their latest album Till the Dance Do Us Part contains nine tracks which showcase their unique talent and ability to grab listeners by the ear and mesmerize them with songs that are pure, simple fun. The album’s first single immediately hits fans with the fast-paced pop-punk anthem “Endless Infinity” which talks about ending an unhealthy relationship. Other stand-out tracks are “As You Wither” which tackles the difficult reality of bullies and those who intentionally hurt others for their own benefit, and the title track “Till the Dance Do Us Part” which is a metaphor for (good & bad) relationships.

All in all, Till the Dance Do Us Part is a dynamic, impassioned collection of pop-punk songs that will stand the test of time. The album makes a declaration to the world that Frankley Everlong is the new standard by which all pop punk rock will be measured by moving forward.

Till the Dance Do Us Part saw a worldwide release on January 18. 2019 via Eclipse Records.