Dead by Wednesday

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Ceschi Ramos (vocals), Marc Allan (vocals), Opus (drums), Mike Modeste (bass), Ross Ragusa (guitar)

Connecticut metal band Dead By Wednesday have an urgent message to get out to the masses… a message that has no equal. The message is that of change. Change for the country they call home, the country they want to save… the United States of America. Their music is the voice of America’s youth and it’s anger with the policies, practices, and attitude that recent administrations have set in place over the past fifty years.

At the forefront of this message comes the band’s new full-length album entitled The Killing Project… the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album, Democracy Is Dead (2006 – Stillborn Records). The Killing Project features 13 new songs covering topics such as the war in the Middle East, the current US foreign policy, and the rising cost of oil, among others.

“Music can be a powerful thing”, says singer Ceschi Ramos. “It can unite people like no other artistic medium. We’re not here to preach, we just want to get people to think for themselves, to question what they’re being told by CNN, FOX NEWS, and other big media. They need to stop accepting everything they’re fed by Big Business as the truth, and do some serious research on their own to get the real story. If the songs we’ve written on The Killing Project can get people thinking for themselves, and to unite against the establishment, then we have succeeded.”

DEAD BY WEDNESDAY’s music is indeed a powerful thing. “When I’m thinking of The Killing Project, I am thinking of the history of unjustified wars we have been involved in like the one we’re in now, the greedy bastards who profit off of death” says Ceschi.

“The song Pawns is our message of unity to everyone… our message to think for one’s self”, says Opus. Take for example, the chorus, “see beyond a foolish vision of the world and remain strong, lift those skinny wrists like weapons to the sky and grab a tighter hold onto your life”. Opus continues, “…that chorus is our anthem, it exposes all the disinformation and spin which is so prevalent in government today.”

The song “Break The Walls” focuses on the violent 1973 Chilean coup led by Pinochet, and the CIA’s now-declassified involvement therein under order of President Richard Nixon. It brings to light eerily similar circumstances surrounding today’s war in Iraq, as well as those of the recent past (Vietnam, Korea, etc…).

DEAD BY WEDNESDAY continues on their path to incite change for this country, while also establishing themselves as a major contender on the national metal scene. Brace yourself for one hell of a ride, free your mind from political mis-information and prepare for Dead By Wednesday!