Cold Snap

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Jan Kerekes (vocals), Dario Berg (vocals), Dorian Pavlovic (guitar), Zdravko Lovric (guitar), Zoran Ernoić (bass), Dario Sambol (drums)

Cold Snap is a modern metal band from Varazdin, Croatia. They bring together a crushing mix of modern metal combined with Eastern European song structures. The group calls upon a wide array of influences ranging from Disturbed and Suicide Silence to Korn and Rage Against the Machine. Cold Snap already have an impressive musical history, touring with groups like Pro-Pain, Dead By April and Ektomorf and having shared a stage with groups like Disturbed, Suicide Silence, Unearth, and Blind Guardian. The group has also played legendary metal shows like Metal Camp and Metal Fest and even the legendary Wacken Open Air.

COLD SNAP recently recorded their third studio album entitled World War 3, which received an official release through Eclipse Records on January 13, 2015. World War 3 is an album jam packed with 12 intense tracks that was produced by the iconic Danish metal producer, Tue Madsen. Overall, World War 3 is melodically chaotic because at any given second, something can and will be thrown at the listeners and chances are, they won’t have an answer for it. Each track comes packed with energy and adrenaline, all wrapped up in an overall sense of cohesion that can only be found among a group that are not only bandmates, but brothers, much like the soldiers that would fight in the impending war Cold Snap presents to its audience.

World War 3 opens with the track “Straight To Hell.” The track sets the scene perfectly for what the band wanted World War 3 to tell the world. Kerekes’ chorus says it all. Now we’re going, straight to Hell! “We wanted to express our opinion about many bad things that are happening every day,” lead vocalist Jan Kerekes said. “World War 3 is already here, not only in military way, but in the air we breathe together with chemtrails, food we eat with everything that is not from nature, and WW3 is society. Everything is turning up side down, and we want to fight against all of that with our music, our albums, our live shows, our cover arts, tee-shirts and everything that we got.”

Although every song on the album brings something unique and heavy, listeners should pay close attention not only “Straight To Hell,” but “Silent Killer” as well. “Silent Killer” will be the latest of Cold Snaps’ 12 high production videos. The video shows the band being forced to perform in a mad scientist’s lab while having experiments done on them. As the song’s intensity picks up, the band tires of being the scientist’s lab rats and bands together to kill him with their music, both physically by beating him with their instruments and with the music itself, making it so the scientists last words are “silent killer,” the main hook of the chorus. This song, much like “Straight to Hell,” embodies the energy and far reaching musical prowess that is everything the band is about.

COLD SNAP has a sound and style that sets it apart from most bands in the metal scene today, especially in the States where metal music is typified by breakdowns and regurgitated guitar riffs and drum fills. Cold Snap throws all that out the window and delivers a style and sound that leaves first time listeners guessing as to who they are listening to. In one second, Cold Snap can pull of a plodding, clicky bass line much like Korn or Mudvayne but follow it up with the unique vocals of Kerekes, but styled as if he was Fred Dirst of Limp Bizkit, like in World War 3’s second track “Carnival.” But the next second, Cold Snap will strip everything down and give it to the audience straight and fast like in the track “Chameleon,” or super produced and synthesized like the track “Freedom.”

Cold Snap has previously released the EP Mea Culpa (2005, self-released), as well as the group’s two previous LPs Empty Promises (2008, Dancing Bear Records) and Perfection (2010, Made In Germany – music, MK II label). World War 3 was released by Eclipse Records on January 13th, 2015.