Matt DiFabio (guitar), Mark Shveima (vocals)

Formed in February of ’96, CIPHER has come together with the intent of bringing contemporary heavy music to a new level of uncompromising intensity and professionalism, without sacrificing the important element of great song writing. The songs created by CIPHER are not easy to play but are very easy to listen to, with compositions slamming through the boundaries of the genre and forcing the listener to take notice of the beauty and brutality they possess. Crushing guitars, bass and drums create layers of monstrous grooves sitting on your chest with hooks that tie you up and hold you down, in your face where you want it and where it belongs. No one walks away from a song that CIPHER plays whether at a show or on your CD player. CIPHER could also be considered the musical equivalent of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde with frequent indulgences in quiet, serene acoustic moments that showcase yet another of the multi-faceted abilities of the band.

Just as important as the music are the dynamics of Mark Shveima Jr. In the same manner that the band can play whatever it desires to get the individualistic feeling each song has across to the listener, Mr. Shveima blankets the mood upon mood with his powerful delivery to bring each song to it’s aesthetic completion. CIPHER’s live show pulls no punches and anyone witnessing the band in action will attest to the energy and enthusiasm of both the band and the crowd. Each song is precisely executed in a devastating manner with each member raging through the set as if it were the last day on Earth.