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Saner Ariduru (keyboards, guitar), Nikki Brockt (drums), Alex Janzen (vocals), Patrick Fleischer (guitar), Martin Fahrnholz (bass guitar)

Alev’s music ranges from Modern Rock, to Alternative Metal while the band’s sound is best described as a musical cross between Evanescence and Garbage. Strong female-fronted rock/metal with emotionally intelligent music and hooks capture the listener’s attention and easily keep the songs repeating in their heads, long after they turn off the CD player. Munich’s rockband Alev achieved much on their own with their demo-cds “Breakable” and “Broken”, before scoring a record deal with SAD Music GmbH in Germany. They rocked to the top of the German charts without large ad campaigns, convincing their fans only with their powerful music and their numerous live gigs. Starting in small clubs and youth houses they eventually went on to play at large festivals, performing at 25 Open Air Festivals throughout Europe in 2004 alone.

ALEV is not only the lead singer’s name, it also translates as “flame” in the Turkish language- and accordingly so, as the band’s live show and studio recordings are quite literally, “on fire” with sonic flames that turn the common conventional styles of other bands into nothing more than smoke… For 2 years Alev perfectly convinced the audience that they were in fact “on fire” and now after signing on with Eclipse Records (Mushroomhead, Scum of the Earth, Bobaflex), the band’s debut national release entitled “We Live In Paradise” will be released here in the USA. Their first single, “If We Ever” which was a huge success overseas, will be the driving force behind Alev’s climb to the top here in the USA and the video for the song demonstrates not only the power behind Alev’s unique sound, but also the very serious meaning behind the song- that of breaking the cycle of violence among humanity on a global scale, before it’s too late.

Alev, the lead singer, is the heart of the band, singing both powerful rock anthems as well as soft, ballad-like songs with her distinctive voice… a voice with an individual touch and an incredible emotional expressiveness that can also be found in the entire band. Alev’s music is a tightrope walk, switching from raging, heavy guitar riffs to softer tones while lyrically aiming right for the heart. Combined with Alev’s magical attraction, their diversified & emotional live show makes for a truly unique mixture.

“We Live In Paradise” was recorded at Lungfull Studios & produced by guitarist Patrick Fleischer and bassist Martin Fahrnholz. The CD enjoys all of Alev’s signature elements: catchy refrains, powerful guitar riffs, diversified harmonies, and arrangements beyond conventional clichés – a wild, youthful, and refreshing mélange full of energy and persuasiveness.